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Washington City Paper‘s 10 New Year’s Resolutions: Nos. 5 and 6

5. Attend couples' counseling with Peter Nickles. The attorney general, quite simply, does not like us very much. The District's top lawyer—the man who called Councilmember Mary Cheh an "angry woman"—seems kind of angry himself, if you ask us. He won't speak to certain members of our staff (i.e., Jason Cherkis), whom he recently dubbed, [...]

D.C. Police: ‘It’s Time To Make The Snowball Conversation Disappear’

The D.C. Police Department would really like the snowball incident to go away. Here are some internal police e-mails discussing the p.r. disaster as well as some jerks who left threatening messages:
From: Smith, Yvonne (MPD)
To: Kishter, Jacob (MPD); Groomes, Diane (MPD); Lanier, Cathy (MPD)
Cc: Klein, Matthew (MPD); McHugh, Phillip (MPD)
Sent: Wed Dec 23 19:50:55 [...]

WaPo Sits on Eyewitness Account on Snowball Gun Incident

Washington Post editorial aide Stephen Lowman was at 14th and U on Saturday when the controversial snowball-fight-cum-police-indiscretion went down. He wasn't there on assignment–he was just taking it all in.
And take it all in he did. He eye-witnessed the snowball fest and the cop waving around a gun, not to mention all the hubbub that [...]

Det. Mike Baylor Involved In ’08 Citizen Complaint

Detective Mike Baylor, the D.C. Police Department cop involved in the snowball incident, had been the recipient of one citizen complaint in 2008. According to the complaint, in mid-June 2008, Baylor had allegedly made a deal with a citizen: if he turned himself in, the detective promised that the citizen would get to go before [...]

The Blotter: Homeless Woman Punches, Kicks, Steals From Other Homeless Woman

City Desk now provides weekly updates on crimes throughout the District.
I Have Some Good News, Some Bad News, And Some More Bad News: On Dec. 16, the Examiner broke news that the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department executed a major sting at a faux auto body shop in Langdon Park in Northeast over several months, [...]

Cop Involved In Snowball Fight Identified: Det. Mike Baylor

City Desk has identified the D.C. Police detective who brandished his weapon during Saturday's controversial snowball fight at 14th and U Streets NW. According to two D.C. Police officials, the gun-toting cop is Detective Mike Baylor. Baylor apparently works out of the Second District police station covering everything from property to gun crimes. At one [...]

District Limerick: snOMG

Before you get on your high horse
Your lim'ricist shows her remorse
Turns out I was wrong
The snow came on strong
And so did the show of great force
On U St, the snowball fight surged
The Hummer came; people converged
What started out jolly
Soon turned to pure folly
When gun-toting lawman emerged
Then CNN picked up the feud
(Click here if you haven't [...]

Mainstream Media Thinks Snowball Fight Posed Anarchist Threat

So the snowball incident has made it to CNN which links to WJLA's scare story hatchet job. DCist notes that the coverage was a wee bit on the paranoid side:
"As if the negative coverage doesn’t threaten to be embarrassing enough for the District, the story — headlined 'Snowball Fight Takes a Turn for the Worse' [...]

D.C. Police Admit Detective Pulled Out Gun During Snowball Fight

The D.C. Police Department's press office sent out a press release this afternoon concerning the yesterday's cop vs. snowball incident. Finally, they admit what everyone else knew yesterday—except the Washington Post—that off-duty D.C. detective did pull out a pistol when facing down the crowd of snowball fighters at 14th and U Streets NW. But, in [...]

Watch: War Of Words Between D.C. Cop And Snowballers

"That's fucking DeOnte Rawlings shit!" a man screamed at the police. Not really. The off-duty cop jumped out of his Hummer, waved a gun around and didn't identify himself immediately. Later, police officials appeared to blatantly misinform the public on what the D.C. detective actually did. But the similarities end there. No one was shot [...]

Video: D.C. Cop Draws Weapon During Snowball Fight

We reported earlier today about the incident involving the D.C. Police detective drawing a gun during a snowball fight at 14th and U. D.C. Police have denied that the detective brandished his weapon. We posted photos of the detective with his gun out, and a video of the cop admitting that he had. Here's video [...]