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Photo: Snow, Franklin Square

14th and I streets NW, January 21

Will Snow Close D.C. Wednesday, Too?

Mayor Vince Gray isn't rushing to make any decisions on whether the city government and schools would be closed Wednesday, but he said at a press conference this afternoon that residents can expect a decision to be made by the 11 p.m. news broadcasts Tuesday night.
The freezing temperatures are expected to last through the week, [...]

The Needle: Wool Coat Joke Edition

Pop-ups Are Dead, Long Live Takeovers: Toki Underground and Woodberry Kitchen plan a ramen "takeover" of Artifact Coffee. It shall be dubbed Tokifact. +2
Food Fight: Madam's Organ is so, so mad at its "shitty neighbor" Tryst right now. +/- 0

The Needle: Now Fire the Owner Edition

Losing Team With Vexing Owner ISO New Coach: Mike Shanahan will be paid $7 million not to coach the Washington Pigskins next year, as the team fired him and most of the rest of its coaching staff, a day after ending this year's 3-13 season with a loss to the New York Giants. Shanahan won the [...]

“Holy Moses, It’s Snowing!”

Yesterday, the thermometer reached nearly 70 degrees. It's been raining all day today. Tomorrow, snow flurries are possible, and on Sunday, there will be an ice storm. No matter your opinion on global climate change, these irregular meteorological patterns are not new to the District.
While newly arrived in the city as a capital correspondent in [...]

Washington Gets Hysterical About Snow, and That’s OK

The day after the snow day without much actual snow, Washington's getting it from all sides. The Post's Dan Zak blames the city's panicked reaction on residents "being the queeniest of drama queens." Zak's colleague, op-ed page writer and aspiring humorist Alexandra Petri, took to the streets to show just how little snow was sticking [...]

Dupont Circle Snowball Fight Doesn’t Have Enough Snow

Despite increasingly desperate tweets from the Capital Weather Gang, it looks like the snowstorm is going to be a soggy flop in the District. That presents problems for people who needed a heavy snowfall, like participants in the Official Dupont Circle Snowball Fight.
The organizers of the fight, presumably "official" because it's endorsed by Rear Admiral Samuel [...]

Pepco Warns Snow Could Cause “Extended Power Outages”

If a big storm's coming, you know what it's time for: a Pepco robocall. In a call to customers this afternoon, Pepco warns that the approaching storm could knock out power.
"Weather forecasts predict heavy wet snow and high winds which can bring down trees and cause extended power outages," a woman reads on the announcement. [...]

The Needle: Snowed In

#Snowquester: Wednesday's storm looks brutal. -3
Blossoming: The cherry blossoms are expected to hit peak bloom from March 26 to March 30. +1

The Snowquester: An Etymological Debate

Jonathan L. Fischer: Lots of people seem to be taking umbrage with the Washington Post's unilateral naming of this week's potential snowstorm. These people are wrong. Although I tend to oppose premature declarations of memes, this time the Post's Capital Weather Gang is on the right track: If there is massive snowfall this week, it [...]

The Needle: Sexy Crystal City

Crystal Mess: With its somewhat-undeserved reputation as an overgrown office park, it's hard to imagine anything especially sexy going down in Crystal City. But now a March sexuality conference featuring someone who describes herself as a "kinky boobisexual" could change that, at least temporarily. +3
Snowed Out: Looks like we won't be getting snow tonight after [...]

Is D.C. Snow Safe to Eat?

The snowfall expected for this afternoon has started, and you might be tempted to get whimsical and eat some snow. But is catching snowflakes in your mouth, especially in an urban area, safe?
We're not talking about sludge on the ground here. This is poaching snowflakes out of the air, or if you like to live [...]

The Needle: Drum Major Edition

Turn Out The Lights: It always feels a little Christmas-y in Adams Morgan, thanks to the illuminated martini glass, music note, coffee cup, and shoe that have been hanging from lightposts in the neighborhood for the last decade. But like a tree that's dropped all its needles and needs to go out to the curb, [...]

The Needle: Vs. Edition

The Post vs. Its Staff: The Post will be offering staff buyouts in an attempt to get rid of 48 employees, including Metro section staffers. Though the Metro staff is huge and covers a large region, we really hope the staff cuts don't mean stories about Falls Church dads who can't build treehouses go [...]

The Needle: More Winter Is Coming Edition

Dead Groundhogs See No Shadows: The little town of Punxsatawney, Pa., has a nice racket going with its Groundhog Day celebrations. So now the District is trying to get in on the act, too. Today marked the inaugural D.C. Groundhog Day festivities, complete with Potomac Phil, a stuffed, dead groundhog. Officials determined (perhaps by consulting [...]