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Is Winter Coming? Monday Edition: D.C. Could Experience a ‘Major Snowstorm’

It's almost time to panic, but we're not there yet.

This Season in Snow: More Plow Trucks and Shoveling Fines

Get ready for shoveling penalties!

District Line Daily: Snow Job

What dominated the morning news? STUFF FELL FROM THE SKY!

D.C. Declares a Snow Emergency for Thursday

Coming soon to D.C.: More snow.

Don’t Park Your Car Here After 7 A.M. Tuesday

The District has declared a snow emergency will start Tuesday morning.

Snow Cancellations and Closures, Presidents Day Edition

Between four and ten inches of snow are expected.

So Your Snowstorm Was a Bust: Advice for New York from D.C.

Weather advice from some wimps who've been there before

District Line Daily: Bike Legislation Returns

One of the bill's opponents from last year introduced the new version.

District Line Daily: Marion C. Barry

This morning, it snowed.

District Line Daily: Bowser Goes National

The new mayor was on Meet the Press on Sunday.

The Needle: Worst D.C. Resident

President Obama is in the running.

There Are No Winners in a D.C. Snowball Fight

More than 100 adults got out of bed on a day in which they were under no obligation to do so in order to pelt each other with snowballs. They gathered on two sides of an imaginary line on the National Mall and, upon someone's scream, charged. Several shy combatants stood back from the thick [...]

Why the Air and Space Museum Stayed Open Despite the Snow

Enjoying that snow day off? So are D.C.'s museums, most of which announced last night that they'd be closed today due to the snowfall. Alone among the federally funded Smithsonian museums, however, the National Air and Space Museum is putting on a brave face. Presumably to the chagrin of some of its employees—and this Twitter [...]

It’s Going to Snow. Again. You Know the Drill.

And now the moment when the entire D.C. area—everyone, all at once, that includes you—clenches its ass. Get that milk and T.P. Move your car out of that emergency route. Get your presnow anxiety on, however you like to do it. The latest prediction for tomorrow's snowfall is five to nine inches.
For the umpteenth time today, [...]

Thursday Is a Snow Day

It snowed, kind of a lot. Here's some of what's closed around town:
For 02/13, fed. offices in DC area closed – emergency & telework-ready employees must follow their agency’s policies
— OPM News (@USOPM) February 13, 2014
The federal government

It's official. Admin offices will be closed along with schools tomorrow, 2/13.
— DC Public Schools (@dcpublicschools) [...]