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DPW To Talk Snow Today at Noon

The Department of Public Works is having a live chat on its website today at noon to answer questions about the always contentious topic of snow removal. From my inbox:
DPW To Discuss the City's Snow Removal Plan During Live, Online Chat, Wed., Nov. 30, at Noon
The Department of Public Works Street and Alley Cleaning Division [...]

Anti-Fenty Facebook Group Gets a Post-Snowstorm Boost

Blowhard Chris Matthews didn't like Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's snow removal performance. Neither did Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).
Nor, it turns out, did the myriad of people who have joined Charles Matiella's Facebook group, "Adrian Fenty needs to resign!!!"
Matiella, who has lived in the District since 2001 (in what neighborhood, he won't say), created the [...]

Fenty Gets Peaceoholics To Assist In Snow Removal Project

Is there anything the Peaceoholics can't do? The anti-gang group is getting millions of city money to settle neighborhood beefs. They're trying to get into the housing business. And now, Fenty declared today that the group is on board to help shovel snow.
D.C. Wire reports:
"'People who are able-bodied are not getting to their sidewalks fast [...]

Morning Roundup—Digging Out Edition

This whole snow story just won't die, will it? You got:

Don’t Own a Shovel? A Guide to Makeshift Snow Removal Supplies

Some people are uberprepared for snowstorms. You know the type: They have shovels of all shapes and sizes (including one of those weird-looking "back-friendly" ones that I can't imagine are any better for your back), their own supply of salt, probably even flares and a three-day supply of water. (I'm pretty sure my neighbor Warren [...]

Has Your Street Been Plowed?: A Survey of ANC Commissioners

City Desk did a survey of ANC commissioners this morning to find out: What does your street look like? Have you seen a plow? Are you snowed in?
William Schultheiss, of ANC 6A, who lives on F Street NE near 12th: His street is not clear. "They haven't done the side streets," he says. "They never [...]