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Photo: Boy With Snooki Picture

Washington Auto Show. © 2011 Michael W.  Hicks

The Needle: Streetcar Dreams Edition

A Tweetcar Named Desire: The long awaited streetcars, the savior of D.C. transit policy, have finally arrived—on Twitter, if not in real life. Many months (at least) before the first cars start running anywhere, District Department of Transportation officials rolled out a new Twitter account and website to promote the project. The good news: Now [...]

The Needle: Marion Barry, Reality TV Star Edition

Fa-La-La Fail: Every war has collateral damage, and the war on Christmas is no different. In this case, it's the District's rush hour that will suffer. The National Christmas Tree is set to be lit this evening, in a big ceremony featuring President Obama, and gridlock is expected. Now you can grumble about Obama for [...]

Morning Roundup: World Cup Edition

Morning, all. How many of you are planning to play hooky in order to catch the kickoff of the World Cup? We've got dozens (and counting) of great options for your soccer watchin', and a few delays, Biergarten is opening just in time for the Cup, too.
Amidst all the World Cup celebration in South Africa, [...]