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DCPS Announces Snow Make-Up Days

The D.C. Public Schools have decided how students will make up the four-and-a-half days in the classroom they lost due to Snowpocalypse 2010.
As LL noted earlier this month, students will be expected on June 21 and 22—the built-in make-up days scheduled for the Monday and Tuesday after school was originally slated to end. In addition: [...]

Not Shoveling Your Sidewalk Can Kill

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Hey, asshole.
Yeah—talking to you, guy who didn't shovel his sidewalk after 35 inches of snow.
Asa Fukuhara, a 32-year-old Agriculture Department engineer, died yesterday in Prince George's County after he was likely forced to walk in the street because snow blocked his path.
Think about that next time you decide Mother Nature to take [...]

More Than You Want to Know About the Eco-Impact of Snowmelt

In case you didn't notice, there's a lot of water decorating the District of Colombia these days—many inches of it, frozen into piles on every street and beside every sidewalk. With sunshine and temperatures headed into the 40s later this week, the water's about to make its way into the city sewer system.
That's the province [...]

Weekend In Review: Tommy Wells On Race And The Bag Tax

Today's "storm" is expected to be nothing more than a dusting for us snow vets. And yet that extra inch or two of snow will only make digging out my car that much more difficult. Yes, I have one of the few cars that are still completely buried in snow. I'm waiting for shovels to [...]

Dick Durbin Goes Batshit Over D.C. Snow

More snow machismo/grandstanding, this time on the Senate floor, courtesy of Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.):
I never could get over how people in this town reacted to snow. I am convinced that infants born in Washington, D.C., are taken from the arms of their loving mothers right when they are born into a room where someone [...]

Bring Back the Flamethrowers!

That's the snow-removal suggestion of reader Scott W. Langill, who cites the methods used to deal with John F. Kennedy's 1961 presidential inauguration:

Chris Matthews Pounds Fenty Snow Response

Chris Matthews had knives out for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty on his MSNBC show tonight, calling D.C. "a city that can't plow its streets."
"Why can't a government town do a government job?" he asked. "It looked like Siberia without the Siberian discipline. We had the weather of Buffalo with the snowplowing capability of Miami."

DCPS: Two Make-Up Days Set, Perhaps More

With this afternoon's announcement that school is canceled for tomorrow, the D.C. Public Schools will have lost four instructional days by the time they're expected to open on Tuesday. (Friday was already scheduled as a teacher-training day.)
You know what that means: Make-up days!
Spokesperson Jennifer Calloway says two make-up days have already been "built in" to [...]

Snow Prompts Councilmembers to Try Armchair Mayoring

In the past five days, the District of Columbia has seen more snowfall than it has ever seen at once before. Put simply, it's about as close to a weather-related municipal crisis as any mayor could face.
Time to bring the city together? Nope—time for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's foes to make political hay.
This morning, Ward [...]

Snowed Under: How Are Funeral Homes Dealing?

A number of local funeral homes have had to postpone work due to the snow storm(s). Ronald Taylor's Funeral Home has had to postpone four burials at the request of grieving families. "They don't want nobody to get hurt," explains manager Paul Tibbs.
Tibbs says he is not worried about the bodies waiting to be laid [...]

D.C. Fire And EMS Respond To 250 Calls, Deliver Baby In Shaw

D.C. Fire and EMS have responded to 250 calls since midnight, according to spokesperson Pete Piringer. "The calls that we've had are taking us longer for obvious reasons," he tells City Desk. "We've had a few collapses, a few babies. I don't know if it's the barometric pressure or what."
There have been six calls for [...]

Could Be Tuesday Before City Fully Recovers, Says Fenty

It could be Tuesday before the city is "up on all cylinders," Mayor Adrian M. Fenty said this morning.
The statement is a step back from Hizzoner's aggressive talk over the weekend, about having the city "open for business" by Monday after 26 inches of snowfall. The District government completely closed today for weather reason for [...]

Whiteout Conditions Sideline Plows, Pepco Crews

This morning's windblown snowmass has temporarily halted city plowing crews, officials say. As in other regional jurisdictions, low visibility due to blizzard conditions has made it impossible to operate heavy equipment safely in the District.
The city transportation department, says director Gabe Klein, will re-evaluate conditions every 20 minutes until plowing can safely resume. Pepco crews, [...]

Are You Freaking Out Yet?

One Shepherd Park resident just reported on the listserv that they have lost power. And long lines have been reported in grocery stores across the city. The Harris Teeter on the Hill is experiencing possibly hour-long lines! WTOP is reporting that 25 percent of the District's plows are busted and the city is now rationing [...]

Shovel Patrol: Adrian Fenty

Washington City Paper embarked Sunday afternoon upon an SUV-assisted inspection of various notable persons' sidewalks. Did they comply with their civic duty to clear walkways for pedestrians within eight daylight hours after the snowfall ended?

Adrian M. Fenty
Position: mayor of the District of Columbia
Address: 4712 17th St. NW (Crestwood)