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Photo: Monday, the Train Station

Man With Cigar

Photo: Wednesday, On The Corner

Photo: Postcards From Home: Film and Paper Archive

Smoke Break, 2000

Postcards From Home: Film and Paper Archive

Ice Cream Truck, Smoke Break, 2000

Ron Rosenbaum: Leave Obama (the Smoker) Alone!

I'm not one for fellating fellow journalists, but I'd make a knee-bruising exception for Slate's Ron Rosenbaum, the first big-name journalist (who's not a card-carrying libertarian) to stick up for President-elect Barack Obama's nicotine addiction.

Video: Watch John Waters Smoke

Due to a nasty cold that I suspect is very slowly mutating into a lower respiratory tract infection, I haven't had a cigarette since Thursday of last week. In the interim, I've been thinking about smoking, and watching movies in which people smoke, and walking out to City Paper's parking deck, where I purse my [...]

The Smelly Side of Smoke-Free Bars

According to a study conducted by "world-renowned scent scientist Alan Hirsch, M.D.," founder of Chicago's Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, banning cigarettes from bars has resulted in people smelling things other than cigarettes in bars. The study, which investigated the odors inside one smoke-free Chicago bar, was sponsored by the folks over at [...]