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Lawsuit: Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum Refused to Let Man in Wheelchair on Its Flight Simulator

A disabled man filed a federal discrimination suit against the Smithsonian Institution this morning after the National Air and Space Museum allegedly refused to allow him to go on its flight simulators because he was in a wheelchair.
Pulseworks LLC, an independent contractor for the Smithsonian that operated the flight simulator exhibit, was also named in [...]

b Magazine Thinks It’s Found 100 Reasons Why Baltimore Is Better Than D.C.

The full ethos of Baltimore is on display this week in the latest cover story from the Baltimore Sun's b magazine: “100 Reasons Why Baltimore Is Better Than D.C.” That’s right, 100 reasons.
The illustrated cover is enough to make any Washingtonian fret over the safety our status as the nation’s capital. There’s Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s eyes laser-beaming the very [...]

Zoo Debuts Newest Elephant

At least one zoo animal was where she was supposed to be this week: Bozie, the National Zoo's newest Asian elephant, arrived at her enclosure promptly at 10 a.m. this morning for her official introduction to the public.
Bozie, age 37, was born in Sri Lanka but has lived in zoos since she was a year [...]

The Needle: Taxes Tough Talk

Closed-Off Culture: The Smithsonian, unable to afford guards because of sequestration, could start closing off exhibits. -3
Tax Transparency: At last night's Washington City Paper D.C. Council debate, the candidates were challenged to release their tax returns. Today, Elissa Silverman published hers. +1

Meteorites: Not Just for Russia

As you follow the meteorite crash story in Russia (latest injury figure: 725 people), let's recall the Washington area's own brush with extraterrestrial fame: the 2010 Lorton meteorite.
The meteorite crashed into a Lorton doctor's office on Jan. 18, 2010, to instant acclaim: the Post declared it "Everybody's Favorite Meteorite." Doctors Marc Gallini and Frank Ciampi, who [...]

District Line Daily: Two Hours on the Tracks

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As if Metro trips to the suburbs don't already feel long enough, Metro passengers on a [...]

Photos: George Clinton

Slideshow.  Bring Back the Funk Concert, National Mall.  June 27th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

$4.5 Million For Pandas That Won’t Have Sex With Each Other

Pandas are the worst. They're lazy, they won't have sex with each other (unless they're related), they fake pregnancies, and when they do manage to get pregnant, they almost always let one of the babies die.

But whatever! The National Zoo is celebrating a $4.5 million gift from David M. Rubenstein that will fund its useless panda-breeding [...]

Photos: Santarchy DC

Full Gallery.   National Mall, Dec. 17th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Siri Will Help You Find Naked Ladies Edition

Dear Siri: Are you looking for abortion services in the District? Don't ask the iPhone 4S assistant Siri to help you find any of the clinics in town! Megan Carpentier writes: "Ask the Siri, the new iPhone 4 assistant, where to get an abortion, and, if you happen to be in Washington, D.C., she won’t direct [...]

Photos: BK Adams Exhibit

Metro Bad News Roundup: Out-of-Pocket Payments, Bad Spelling Edition

The Metro system, once a reliable point of pride for D.C.'s boosters, has had a rough few years: Safety problems, escalator outages, and rising prices have made the subway a regular subject of local griping. At times, it can be hard to keep up with the torrent of unflattering Metro-related scoops. As a public service,Washington [...]

Photos: Smithsonian Protest

Photo: Museum of Censored Art

700 Block F Street, NW. © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Dave Matthews Next for FBI? Edition

Trouble in Ward 9: At first, news that federal agents had arrested Jack Johnson at his home this morning was a little confusing; soft rock is annoying, but weren't there worse offenders, like David Gray, Dave Matthews, or that idiot who said that crazy shit to Playboy? Upon further review, though, it seemed the Jack [...]