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The Needle: Don’t Come Back Edition

Banned in D.C.: Yes, we used the same Bad Brains song title as a headline on a previous Needle item about the National Portrait Gallery. But now it's even more appropriate, as the Metropolitan Police Department told two protesters arrested at the museum on Saturday that they were forbidden to set foot in any Smithsonian [...]

District Limerick: O.J.’s Suit Finds a Home (Phew!)

Smithsonian turned it away
But other folks wanted to play
Newseum prevailed
And then they unveiled
Their plans for the suit's own display
A 20 will soon let you scope
The suit! (Is it olive or taupe?)
That's all good and well
But dammit-to-hell
I'd rather see pants from this dope

The Friday Limerick Review

I'm sure that it stings and it hurts
But those are the man's just deserts
Now censured and stripped
Political crypt
Or time for the guy to chase skirts?
And as for dessert with two S's
Free cupcakes for those who said yeses
Congressional stalling
(While mostly appalling)
Has rarely produced such successes!
Smithsonian folks, so astute
Said thanks-but-no-thanks on the suit
The press release brevity
Made for [...]

Morning Roundup: The ‘They Can’t Take My Dignity’ Edition

Morning, all!
Big news of yesterday: Marion Barry was censured.
Big news of today: Marion Barry was censured yesterday.
Big news of tomorrow: Marion Barry was censured earlier this week.
And not only censured. The D.C. Council also voted to strip him of his committee chairmanship and refer the findings of the Bennett Report to a criminal prosecutor. Can [...]