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No One Took a Smart Car On the Metro

— SIN – KAH – ME(@SynKami) January 16, 2013
Metro doesn't allow bikes on trains during rush hour. But what about cars?
That was the question after Metro rider Brian Boler tweeted a picture Tuesday of what looks like a woman, sitting in a Metro car, [...]

District Limerick: X2 vs. Smart Car

The shuttle on H is in flux
Once gone, but now back with big bucks
With choices galore
Want maximum gore?
Then ride the X2 with us schmucks
If bus shootings make you distraught
Consider a ludicrous thought:
This condo is far
But comes with a car
Stop renting! It's time that you bought

See Adrian Fenty Speeding Down East Capitol Street!

The Department of Motor Vehicles this afternoon was kind enough to forward on this picture of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty speeding, in response to a records request by LL.
According to the camera readout [PDF], the mayoral Smart Car was doing 43 in a 30 mph zone at 3:19 p.m. on May 11.
LL first disclosed the [...]

Adrian Fenty’s Smart Car Got a Speeding Ticket

While us city hall reporter types are on the subject of the mayor's personal conveyance, LL ran the mayor's plates (CV-6154) through the DMV ticket payment database.
He got a hit!
The mayor's Smart Car Fortwo Passion Cabriolet picked up a $50 ticket on Monday, May 11, for 'SPEED 11-15 OVR LIMT' while going westbound on the [...]

Fenty Car Blocks Delivery Truck!

Tsk, tsk, Mr. Mayor. Tsk, tsk.
LL was roaming the John A. Wilson Building this afternoon when noticed this scene behind the building at about 4:30:

That's Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's Smart Fortwo blocking the egress of a delivery truck. The driver told LL he'd been waiting five minutes for Hizzoner to return. LL waited along with [...]