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Slavery in Our Own Backyard: The Omilara Aribisala Story

For this week's Cheap Seats I wrote about Omilara Aribisala of the D.C. Divas. Her story is unlike any I've ever encountered in my years of typing.
I'd never talked to a former slave before.
In 1986, Aribisala was brought to America from her native Nigeria as a 12 year old. She spent the next eight years [...]

Riggins Explains ‘Dark Heart’ Tirade, Adds Perspective to the Redskins’ Holocaust

John Riggins took some chuckles out of the Dan Snyder bashing season when he said the Redskins owner was a "bad guy" with a dark heart. The big let-down of Riggins' rant came from its utter lack of examples of Snyder's conduct that would back up such soul judging. The controversy wasn't addressed in the [...]

A Little Exploration in Adams Morgan

Dig up a bit of D.C. – literally – and you might be surprised at how much you find. It's well known that slave labor built the U.S. Capitol, that there were slave pens near the National Mall, and that there was a slave market just across from the National Archives. But a new site [...]