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Judge Dismisses Eric Payne’s Lawsuit Against Natwar Gandhi Under Free Speech Law

Eric Payne is still suing the District government and Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi (pictured above) for allegedly firing him over lottery contract whistleblowing,  but he won't be able to sue them for defamation. In a ruling yesterday, a Superior Court judge threw out Payne's defamation lawsuit by using D.C.'s anti-SLAPP law, which bars so-called "strategic [...]

Lanny Davis, SLAPP Law Defender

Here at Washington City Paper, we've spent all too much time over the past year contemplating judicial proceedings. The absurd lawsuit Dan Snyder filed, then refiled, and then ultimately abandoned before a judge could toss him out of court may have ended with a free-speech victory, but it cost a lot of [...]

Dan Snyder Responds to Washington City Paper Anti-SLAPP Motion

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder says only Congress, not the D.C. Council, has the power to pass laws like the anti-SLAPP statute that Washington City Paper and staff writer Dave McKenna recently sought to use to have Snyder's lawsuit thrown out. Snyder also wants City Paper to pay for the cost of his response to [...]