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Dudes to Help Dudes Get Perfect Skin

Men of Washington who want to glisten, here's some good news. With the opening of W Men, D.C. is getting a dermatologist that's just for guys.
Washingtonian bills K Street's W Men as "the world’s first clinical practice dedicated to men’s dermatology and advanced cosmetic treatments." But will this dermatologist be like all the old-fashioned girly [...]

Tonight at Filmfest: Bonecrusher, Cruzando, Megane, and More

In Cruzando, Manny has daddy issues.
More goodies tonight, including two strong docs, a poignant and hilarious border-crossing flick, and a lapidary, Chaplin-meets-Coen bros. film from Japan. Get off your couch and over to E Street!
Bonecrusher, a documentary about black lung and the Appalachian coal industry. Hilary Crowe calls it a "dust-covered love story...[that] [...]

Tonight at Filmfest: Ciao Bella, A Pain in the Ass, and more

Sophie Okonedo in Skin, which you should maybe see
Filmfest D.C. kicked off last night with a showing of Departures, the 2008 Oscar-Winner for Best Foreign Film, at the Harman Center for the Arts. The sushi went quickly, the movie did not, and the audience was easily amused. (To my mind, the film was [...]