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Cheap Seats Daily: Washington Warriors Won’t Ever Play in the AFL?

The Arena Football League ain't ever coming to DC after all.
Sports leagues, like romantic relationships, can't survive taking a break. Last year AFL owners thought they were different, announcing that while they'd be spending the 2009 season apart, they weren't breaking up.
Again: Just need some space. Just taking some time off from each other before [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

I'm getting the feeling that maybe Six Flags HASN'T REALLY TURNED IT AROUND?
Team Snydiro – Chairman Dan Snyder and CEO Mark Shapiro — have now been telling the world for almost four years that Six Flags has gotten things together.
Today, more proof that Six Flags hasn't gotten things together.

Update: SIX Flagging

Where art thou, Mark Shapiro?
Dan Snyder's business partner and protege was named CEO of Six Flags when Snyder took over the amusement park chain by leading a stockholder coup in 2005. And for a long time, Shapiro was front and center whenever the company was in the news. Shapiro generally came off like Leonardo DiCaprio [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Riggleman’s Fight Song Stolen From Young Girls!

Cheap Seats Daily has learned...that new Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman's boyhood fight song was STOLEN!
As reported in this space the other day, Riggleman's baseball team at Richard Montgomery High School used a special cheer to get fired up before games:
Thunder, Thunder, Thunderation
We’re the Rockets Delegation
When we fight with determination
We create a soul [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Six Flags Recommends a Condiment to Go With Your Mattress!

After decades a couple weeks of rumors, this afternoon at the Verizon Center WJFK-FM brass will officially announce the station's flip from man talk to sports talk.
All the highlights of the new lineup — eight hours a day of Mike Wise and LaVar Arrington –  and the date of the switch, July 20, have already [...]

Light Up the Sky Like a Flame!

With your talent, that is, not with fireworks. Unless your talent is singing and dancing with explosives.
To promote the remake/redo/reimagining of 1980's Fame (out Sept. '09), MGM is hosting a virtual competition for U.S. residents 14 and older to show off their stuff. (Tastefully.)
It apparently doesn't matter what you do — a flier claims that [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder Will Sell You a Mattress to Hide Your Money Under

Every now and then a story comes along that's too good to be true. Usually,  those stories involve Dan Snyder.
Yesterday, Snyder's theme park chain, Six Flags, announced yet another sponsorship deal. This one makes some bedding company called Anatomic Global the "Official Mattress" of Six Flags. And you can buy the official mattress straight from [...]

UPDATE: SIX Flagging

You just knew Dan Snyder would get his hands on some stimulus money!
Six Flags has just signed a new sponsorship deal with Chrysler. According to a press release issued by Snyder's theme park chain earlier today, this means cars produced by Chrysler will remain "the Official Vehicles of Six Flags." Also under the new deal, [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: La Canfora Replacement from RavensLand? Mike ‘Biggest Loser’ Williams Not Big Enough for Madden? Brunell’s Band to Play Six Flags?

The typists' gathering spot has been rumoring that the Washington Post will hire a former Baltimore Sun columnist, Rick Maese, to replace Vinny Cerrato nemesis Jason La Canfora on the Redskins beat.
As predicted in this space, the beat wasn't big enough for the Skins' GM/racquetball partner/DJ and the Post's writer/blogger/agitator.
La Canfora left the paper to [...]

Weekend In Review: Two Years for Rhee

Good to see Michelle Rhee getting some ink these days. It's been two years since she started as chancellor of the D.C. public schools, a time the Washington Post figures is as good as any to go long on her performance.
The catchy lede, on why Rhee appeared on the cover of Time mag holding [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

In the end, the news is less surprising than Brett Favre coming out of retirement or Adam Lambert just plain coming out: Dan Snyder's theme park chain, Six Flags, is bankrupt.
Snyder's company filed for Chapter 11 earlier today. Who knew bankruptcy courts are open on weekends?
Snyder took over Six Flags more than three years ago [...]

Fan Appreciation, Dan Snyder Style!

Hoping to hold on to some of the season ticket holders that are still around, Dan Snyder has announced what a pop-up ad on the team's Web site calls a "Free Fan Appreciation Day, to be held June 1 at the Six Flags park in Largo.
Judging from the fine print, however, Snyder doesn't appreciate all [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Best Owner List Shocker: Leonsis Left Off! Worst Owner List Non-Shocker: Snyder, Lerners Left On!

Sports Illustrated released Top 5 best/worst owners lists for all the major sports. Our town's fabulously represented, though only on the dark side.
First off: Ted Leonsis somehow wasn't included among hockey's best. If there's ever been a more beloved sports owner in this town than Leonsis circa 2009, I can't remember him.
Hard to believe it's [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's Chapter 10.9 theme park chain, Six Flags, announced today it lost another $146.3 million in the first quarter of 2009 and that revenues were down 24% compared to the same period last year.
Snyder blamed the downturn on having Easter 2008 counted in the first quarter, while in 2009 it was a second-quarter affair.
Guess [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's magna cum hurtin' theme park chain, Six Flags, has hit the small time: After being bum-rushed out of the New York Stock Exchange, Six Flags and its $2.4 billion in debt showed up yesterday on the OTC Bulletin Board, a minor league trading venue for so-called penny stocks.
Snyder got some nice sendoffs during [...]