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Redskins Circle Wagons Around “Redskins”

Great article by Paul Farhi in today's Washington Post about sports teams and even leagues trying to control the message. Farhi gives examples of the control-freakishness from across the country, but locals will be most enthralled, if not surprised, by Farhi's lengthy passages on Dan Snyder.
Turns out Snyder's team, apparently in the interest of maintaining [...]

Dan Snyder, Junk Dealer

Maybe Dan Snyder has too much time on his hands now that football people at Redskins Park are making some football decisions. In any case, there are reports Snyder's back to making Gekkoesque business deals away from the NFL operation.
The Wall Street Journal wrote yesterday that Snyder recently sold "Junk" bonds for Dick Clark Productions, a company he owns. From the Journal (subscription required):
In [...]

Dan Snyder Protege Mark Shapiro to Work His Magic on the NFL?

There goes the NFL!
Sure, the league is flying higher than ever now — TV coverage of the NFL draft drew a bigger audience than the NBA playoffs this spring. But mark down July 28, 2010 as the day everything started rolling downhill.
That's the day the reports surfaced that the NFL has brought in Dan Snyder [...]

Update: SIX Flagging: Kids Tell Snyder’s Ex-Security Team ‘Don’t Mace Me, Bro!’

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Dan Snyder has been out of charge at Six Flags for a few weeks now. But there's new, definitive proof that the "family-friendly atmosphere" he vowed to put in place during his reign never took hold.
One part of Snyder's family plan involved having more [...]

Update: SIX Flagging — Post-Dan Snyder Era Opens Today at Six Flags

We'll have to wait and see if this "culture change" we keep hearing about really has developed out at Redskins Park. But change, if not culture, is surely in the air at Six Flags.
The local outpost of the nation's largest theme park chain, Six Flags America in Largo, opens its season today.
It's the first opening [...]

Update: Six Flagging — Creditor Asks Court to Remove Dan Snyder from Six Flags

Somebody's been reading Cheap Seats' coverage of Dan Snyder's theme park chain, Six Flags...
I heard this morning from Lance Laifer, CEO of Resilient Capital Management. That's an investment group that sunk some sum in the small seven figures into Six Flags, and doesn't want to walk away with nothing. Laifer doesn't like what he's learned [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Are the Caps Bringing About a Baltimore/DC Detente?

During a recent conference call with theme-park-fetishist bloggers, Six Flags CEO and Dan Snyder protege Mark Shapiro talked up the glories of buying a 2010 season pass, called a Play Pass. The best deal came from the chain's Kentucky Kingdom Park for just $29.95.
Forget that his company's in bankruptcy, Shapiro said, tell all your roller [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Why Won’t Mark Cuban Talk About Six Flags Anymore?

The Wizards lost at home to the Mavericks by a single point. This team is now about three months and as many worlds away from the team that fairly routed Dallas in Dallas on Oct. 28, 2009, the first game of the season. The New York Times gives some hints today at how far and [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Gilbert Arenas Reminds Us of the Greatness of ‘Lawyers, Guns and Money’?

I've been saying the Six Flags/Dick Clark Productions deal stank for a long time. Now, some big folks are looking into it.
In 2008, Dan Snyder bought Dick Clark Productions for $175 million for Red Zone, a private equity fund he controlled. Snyder then immediately sold 40 percent of Dick Clark Productions to Six Flags, a [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Hey, Dan Snyder: How’d That Dick Clark Deal Work Out for Six Flags Stockholders?

It's not clear to me which is the bigger travesty: Vinny Cerrato keeping his job so long after running the Redskins into the ground, or Dan Snyder staying atop Six Flags despite making all the wrong moves since taking over the now-bankrupt theme park chain in 2005.
Six Flags' reorganization is nowhere near complete, and god [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Remember When This Was Called ‘Redskins Weather’?

Hate to stomp on the weather beat that others at City Desk are already covering with gusto. But I'll stick to forecasts, and stay away from the retrocasting favored by the boss.
So, Sunday in Landover at kickoff: 47 degrees, rainy, winds 13 miles an hour from the north and 100 percent cloud cover. That used [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's Six Flags debacle has taken a turn toward the contentious.
We couldn't be happier!
The bankrupt company's creditors are asking the courts to hold up proceedings until they can investigate the relationship between Six Flags and Red Zone LLC, an investment group Snyder formed with a lot of Redskins Park, including team bigwigs Vincent "Vinny" [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

The Washington Post reports that Dubai has gone to hell.
On a related note: Dan Snyder's Six Flags announces that despite its bankruptcy, plans to build a park in Dubai will "proceed as planned."
Keep the dial right here for all the breaking news in Dan Snyder's Six Flags soap opera.

Cheap Seats Daily: Washington Warriors Won’t Ever Play in the AFL?

The Arena Football League ain't ever coming to DC after all.
Sports leagues, like romantic relationships, can't survive taking a break. Last year AFL owners thought they were different, announcing that while they'd be spending the 2009 season apart, they weren't breaking up.
Again: Just need some space. Just taking some time off from each other before [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

I'm getting the feeling that maybe Six Flags HASN'T REALLY TURNED IT AROUND?
Team Snydiro – Chairman Dan Snyder and CEO Mark Shapiro — have now been telling the world for almost four years that Six Flags has gotten things together.
Today, more proof that Six Flags hasn't gotten things together.