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An “Absolutely Stunning” Way to Build a Movie-Poster Blurb

The Way We Get By is almost certainly a marvelous movie, at least judging from Mike Riggs' review, which ran in our Silverdocs issue (6/12). The producers of the movie liked Riggs' review so much they excerpted it on their movie poster, an excerpt of which you can see above. Interesting thing about that review, [...]

Silverdocs Movies Getting Wide Release

Still lamenting the fact that you missed some Silverdocs screenings last month and don't know when you'll get the chance to see them again?  Have no fear.  POV, the PBS series dedicated to documentaries with a point of view, is showing several programs that previously played in Silver Spring throughout the summer and into the [...]

Filmmaker Q&A With Aron Gaudet, Director of The Way We Get By

“This was our film school”, said director Aron Gaudet about his first feature documentary, The Way We Get By, which has screened at more than 20 film festivals in the last three months, including Silverdocs this past week. Gaudet and his now fiance/film's producer Gita Pullapilly spent four grueling years on the project, working [...]

Q&A With Directors of Silverdocs Winner October Country

Winning the Sterling US Feature Award at Silverdocs was a surprise to directors Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher, whose documentary October Country moved beyond the traditional three-act narrative with a layered character study of a low-income rural American family.
The portrayal is particularly intimate in that it follows Mosher's own family.  He is the eldest of [...]

Filmmaker Q&A With Racing Dreams Marshall Curry

Casting in fiction filmmaking is often said to make or break a film.  But this is even more the case in documentary, where casting often involves making a bet that the subjects' lives will make for an entertaining story.
Director Marshall Curry certainly bet well when casting three tween race kart drivers for his latest doc, [...]

Protesters Shout “Shame” at Barry Doc Premiere

Nutty's got the video.

Today at Silverdocs: Carmen Meets Borat, The September Issue, Soul Power, More!

Silverdocs is winding to a close, but there's still a lot of good stuff to catch. As always, look to our complete coverage of the fest for more details.
Here are some of today's highlights:
Carmen Meets Borat, which profiles a 17-year-old who tells what it was like when her village was accosted by Sacha Baron Cohen. [...]

When School’s Out, Outdoor Movie Screenings Are In

When HBO finally got their act together and agreed to keep funding Screen on the Green with the help of a co-sponsor, movie fans and Facebook petitioners cheered.  But there was little instant gratification when organizers announced that the first screening wouldn't occur until July 20th.  Summer officially starts on Sunday and these mild temperatures [...]

Tonight at Silverdocs: Ella Es El Matador, Winnebago Man, Voices from El-Sayed, and More

Mmm...South Australian salt flats....
As ever, be sure to refer to our comprehensive, super-sweet, blah blah &c. guide to Silverdocs for all your documentary needs!
Opening tonight:
Act of God, in which people who've been struck by lightning proffer "anecdotes [that] may have you zoning out between crashes of thunder," Tricia Olszewski reports.
Intangible Asset No. 82, about a [...]

Today at Silverdocs: Facing Ali, Afghan Star, Off and Running, and More

Lots, lots more. Today's the first full day of the fest; here's a smattering of what's being screened from noon 'til midnight. For the entire schedule and ticket information, go to
Albert Maysles Shorts Program, Part I, a 68-minute collection of five short films from this year's Guggenheim Symposium honoree. 12:15 p.m.

Another Planet, a doc [...]

Silverdocs Is Here! LeBron in Town for Opening Night

The AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs Documentary Festival kicks off big tonight at 7 p.m., with fest opener More Than a Game playing in all three houses at AFI Silver.
The film follows LeBron James and four other Akron, Ohio basketball players in their teen years, their talent and perseverance taking them from inner-city courts to championships and [...]