District Line Daily: The Final Stretch

The mayoral candidates make their final campaign pleas Sunday.

District Line Daily: Suspicious Vehicle at the White House

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Roads downtown have reopened this morning after police investigated a suspicious vehicle near the White House.

Sidwell Friends Cuckolding Lawsuit Has Everything: Sex, Creepy P.E. Teachers, Bob Woodward

Prestigious Washington prep school Sidwell Friends is involved in a lawsuit over a former employee's affair, and it is wild, Washingtonian reports.
Plaintiff Terry Newmyer is suing Sidwell and former Sidwell psychologist and sex ed teacher James Huntington, alleging that the school knew that Huntington was having an affair with Newmyer's wife, Tara Mehrbach, even as [...]

Sidwell Friends: Plagued with Young Political Bullies?

Washington Quaker school Sidwell Friends is so prestigious, even the Obama daughters go there. But is it also a breeding ground for the next generation of political bullies?
The evidence suggests yes! Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak's article today features a letter that was sent to parents of students in the Lower School of an unnamed, [...]

The Needle: Let’s Get Ethical Edition

Certificate of Occupation: The big worry for the people occupying McPherson Square has been that a sudden police raid–like the ones in New York, Oakland, UC-Davis, and, oh, just about every other Occupy encampment—would clear them out. This weekend's demolition notwithstanding, they shouldn't have to worry about that: A judge has ruled that authorities need [...]

Sidwell Friends Football Team No Longer a Slaughter Magnet

Sidwell Friends football got some attention after Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton showed up for the season-ending game with rival Maret last weekend.
Things didn't go so well for the Fighting Quakers under the spotlight, with Maret doling out a 42-0 beating.
That meant Sidwell finished up 4-5. While that mark shows the squad's not yet ready to [...]

The Needle: Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Last One in the Pool is the D.C. Mayor: If you're reading this blog post, chances are you're not splashing around in one of the District's public pools right now. But you could be! Mayor Vince Gray officially opened the swimming season this afternoon with a ribbon-cutting and proclamation—but no cannonball—at Barry Farm Rec Center. [...]

Sidwell Friends Comes Within Two Touchdowns of Beating Maret!

Sidwell Friends lost to came within two touchdowns of beating Maret in their year-ending game over the weekend. The team, which was winless and had been technically "slaughtered" in every other game this season deserves everybody's pity and/or huzzahs for suffering through the singular human tragedy that is an imperfect football season but otherwise [...]

Even the Lucky Get Losers Sometimes: Sidwell Friends Football Hits a Bad Patch

For the hoi polloi-obsessed print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about the state of the Sidwell Friends' football program. It's in a blue state.
Judging from the online commenters, both on this site at and at a Sidwell football thread that's been thriving over at all season, some folks don't think anybody should mention just [...]

On a Snow Day, Obama Disses D.C., Recommends “Flinty Chicago Toughness”

After Sidwell Friends canceled school yesterday, President Barack Obama had some harsh words for D.C.
"Can I make a comment that is unrelated to the economy very quickly?" Obama asked at a morning economic briefing. "It has to do with Washington. My children's school was canceled today. [...]

Can the Sidwell vs. Maret Rivalry Survive Adult Intervention?

Tomorrow night, Maret's boys basketball team plays at Sidwell Friends.
It will be Maret's first visit since the rivalry between the two schools really got funny, or ugly, depending on how seriously you take sophomoric taunts.
Maret was leading during a game at Sidwell last month when the home team's fans nailed the visitors with a group [...]

Obama Brings Good Cheer to Sidwell Friends

Portis/Zorn isn't the only rivalry to heat up around here lately: For Sidwell Friends/Maret, it's on.
On Saturday, Maret's basketball boys were leading Sidwell Friends on the road when the home crowd taunted the visitors with a chant ripped from the headlines:
"The Sidwell kids started yelling 'O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!' at us," a Maret parent who attended [...]