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Neighborhood News Roundup: All Creatures Great and Small Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
H Street Story: Frozen Tropics links to a piece in the most recent edition of Wilson Quarterly called "New to the Neighborhood," about gentrification and displacement on and around H Street NE (the author lives, specifically, in Rosedale.) Commenters [...]

Did Walmart Call You?

Shepherd Park's listserv has actually had a healthy debate on Walmart potentially moving into the old dealership lot at Missouri and Georgia. But one resident sticks out—she claims that she may have gotten polled by Walmart. It's pretty interesting, and not unusual considering the company has already set up its own propaganda website. The resident [...]

The Hardest Sell: Redskins Tickets

Maybe WaPo is on to something. Maybe Redskins fans are abandoning the team. One Shepherd Park resident is trying to sell some prime seats to the Dallas game. Just a few years ago, this would have been unthinkable!
Shepherd Park resident "Carole" writes on the listserv:
"Great Christmas Gift! Anybody interested in tickets to Redskins vs Dallas [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Were Horseshoers Horsing Around in Congress Heights?

The Issue: What to do with Shepherd Park? The horseshoe pitching club there has moved on to greener pastures after being pressured by the community to remove horseshoe pits from the park between Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and Malcolm X Avenue. The horseshoe pits and accompanying chess boards were originally installed by the club [...]

NIMBY Gripe Of the Week: Summer Camp Signs Go Away!

This is so nitpicky, it was made for City Desk. This was NIMBY complaint was found on the Shepherd Park listserv. We love Ralph Blessing as much as the next reporter, but jeez does he have to write Councilmember Bowser to complain about summer camp signs? And does have to hate on old globe posters?
Dear [...]

Shepherd Park Fights For A Stop Sign

In recent days, the Shepherd Park listserv went nuts over a missing stop sign. There were multiple posts on this mystery. Here's one from "Marcie":
"What's going on with the missing stop sign at Sudbury and West Beach (heading north)? Is that intentional? If so, shouldn't the one heading south be taken down too? It's a [...]

Signs Of Spring Part 2

From a poster on the Shepherd Park listserv:
"Looks like a Raccoon has nibbled a hole and his/her way into our roof/perhaps attic. We noticed the raised piece of roofing late last week, and today are hearing sounds of activity from the fireplace. Today, a neighbor told my husband he has seen the raccoon scrapping at [...]

Mystery Angry Person In Shepherd Park!

Keeping a decent neighborhood listserv going means posting a lot about lost dogs, reporting on gunshots, and cranky neighbors dropping weird racial stereotypes related to crime. All of these will keep the message board well stocked with posts. But few posts beat the mysterious stranger knocking on doors thread that pops up once in a [...]

Guess Who’s Hiring? ANC 4B

So no one can find a job.  Well there's one government entity that has announced it's hiring: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B. It posted an ad on the Shepherd Park listserv:
The pay seems OK. But it's part-time work. Full details after the jump.