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The Needle: Gray Goes to China Edition

Beijing Calling: The District government has seen the future, and it is run by the Chinese. First a deputy mayor headed to Shanghai to open a D.C. office there; now Mayor Vince Gray announces he'll lead a mission to visit our future rulers in June. As an economic development prospect, it's not a bad idea; [...]

Shaw’s Tavern Management Is Getting Its Licenses In Order

A few weeks ago, Chris Shott reported that Shaw's Tavern, the restaurant that was denied a liquor license after a series of management debacles that included forging a liquor license, had a new owner. In December, Siya Sadeghi introduced himself to the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission and was backed almost immediately. It's not a surprise that neighbors [...]

Shaw’s Tavern Altered Documents With ‘Correction Fluid’

I must admit I was surprised yesterday by the announcement that the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board denied Shaw's Tavern a license to serve alcohol. Until I read the findings, that is. The document, via Prince of Petworth, details each step that owner Abbas Fathi and former manager Steve May messed up. (Misstep 1. Fail to get Certificate of [...]

What’s So Special About Shaw’s Tavern?

Shaw's Tavern owner Abbas Fathi shut down the restaurant moments before service last Friday (laying off his staff a day early and prompting chef John Cochran to resign in protest). Since then, it's set off a ferocious back-and-forth over what went wrong on D.C. and national blogs alike.
While Matt Yglesias and Megan McArdle argue that [...]