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So Long, Summer

In theory, Labor Day commemorates the contributions of American workers to society. But in practice, its symbolic poignancy is so much more. In D.C., we say goodbye to free pools, the potential threat of shark attacks at nearby beaches, seasonal beers, interns, and sweat-stained suits. This weekend, in other words, we say goodbye to summer. [...]

The Needle: I Quit Edition

Gone for Good: The Washington Nationals have, contrary to all usual behavior in past seasons, won 11 of their last 12 games, including one this afternoon, and looked like a decent ball club while doing it. So naturally, manager Jim Riggleman decided this was the perfect time to resign. Riggleman apparently was bothered that the [...]

The Needle: Gary Condit’s Revenge Edition

Court is in Session: There were two obsessions for the media in the summer of 2001—sharks, and Chandra Levy. It was clear to everyone in the know that then-Rep. Gary Condit had killed his former intern; the only real question was when he'd confess, broken by the pressure of being the only thing anyone on [...]