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The Needle: Shack Attack

Presidential Eats: President Barack Obama ate at Shake Shack's Dupont location today. It made for a good photo op, but perhaps the Secret Service should have done some more thorough research. The latest May health inspection report of the establishment showed less than stellar results, with some mold in the refrigerator, as dogged restaurant inspection [...]

The Needle: The King Rules

The King Rules: Sports Illustrated's Peter King will no longer use the offensive real name of the Washington Pigskins in his offshoot blog, MMQB. +5
Buzz It Out: The word "buzzard" in Buzzard Point brings back bad memories, and some people are trying to change the name for rebranding purposes. -1

The Needle: Jefferson Vs. Derecho

Pursuit of Dryness: Capital Weather Gangster Kevin Ambrose hunkered down in the Jefferson Memorial to film the derecho, and, now that his camera has dried out, he's finally posted the video. The clip's a must-watch—with giant sheets of water surging around the building, it looks like the memorial's plunging into the Tidal Basin. +3
Metro Mystery: [...]

The Needle: Swag Like Sulaimon Edition

Shades of Sulaimon: At Monday's much-talked about hearing on the legitimacy—or lack thereof—of Sulaimon Brown, what really stole the show was not the damning fact that the Gray administration hired Brown for a $110,000-a-year job, or even the clownish back-and-forth between councilmembers Marion Barry and David Catania. No, Sulaimon's sunglasses were really what had everyone [...]

The Needle: Listening Better Edition

I'll Change, I Promise: Mayor Adrian Fenty finally gets around to admitting that the main obstacle holding him back in his bid for re-election is... Mayor Adrian Fenty. In a debate televised on NewsChannel 8 TBD TV, the incumbent promised to "change some things" and "listen better" if voters opt to give him a second [...]