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Reminder: It’s Free Vibrator Day

Since we talked about this last week, and because it's so risque, remember that you still have two hours—or as long as supplies last—to score your free Trojan vibrator outside the Park at Fourteenth at 920 14th Street NW.
The vibrator giveaway, of the suggestively titled "Tri-Phoria" and "Pulse" models, continues until 4 p.m.
Photo by Flickr [...]

Trojan to Give Away Vibrators Downtown…but for How Long?

Good news for women and adventurous fellas: Trojan is planning to hand out free vibrators downtown next week.
"This holiday season, the Trojan™ Vibrations Pleasure Carts will be satisfying pleasure cravings," reads a breathy press release from the company.
The hot-dog stand-like "Pleasure Carts" will be set up from noon to 4 Tuesday outside The Park at [...]

Topless D.C. Woman Wanted for Nerdiest Bachelor Party

Do you have breasts? Do you have a working familiarity with role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons? Then a couple of Prince George's County nerds have a job for you.
In a post Tuesday on Craigslist, a man asked for a woman with at least C-size breasts who could play "Dungeon Master" for five guys at a [...]