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Sex Is Elementary

On WAMU's politics hour, At-Large Councilmember David Catania just said that 36 percent—I think my ears are hearing that correctly—of 6th grade males report that they are engaging in some kind of sex.
Is this shocking? Or have boys learned at a very young age the art of lying about sex?

Is This What You Call Community Policing?

As everyone who reads LL Daily knows, the Washington Post reported that a D.C. Police officer was busted for soliciting SEX from a prostitute last month. (This is not shocking. Have you seen some of our cops?).  Officer Robert A. Schmidt was busted in a downtown hotel as part of an internet-sting operation run by [...]

The French (and Veterinarians) Are Different From You and Me

I saw this print at my vet's yesterday; the bathroom has a series of signed prints by a French artist showing dogs peeing. OK, whatever, Europeans, but one of the prints was worth noting:

How often do you get to see a dog checking out dog prostitutes? He's like, "Homina, homina: dog prostitutes," and his owner's [...]

OMG, New Sexist Podcast!

Head on over to the Sexist, dear readers, for a delicious Five Minutes (bordering six) You'll Never Get Back, during which Amanda Hess and Yours Truly talk about gay marriage, election-inspired Craigslist hook ups, and gender bias. Also: Intern Bobby asks Democrats how they'll make peace with the lose–er, Republicans (Hint: it ain't happenin'.)

Five Spooky Minutes You’ll Never Get Back: The Devil & God, Stolen Dino Costumes, and me Being a Creep

Just in time for Halloween, the third installment of "Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back" is live over at The Sexist. Listeners can look forward to Bobby "The Intern" Allyn's savvy street reporting, Hess' name-calling, and more un-PC references to the Goddess/Whore archetype than ever before!

Five Minutes You’ll Never Get Back: Joe the Plumber

Head over to The Sexist for episode 2 of City Paper's new sex & politics podcast, "Five Minutes You'll Never Get Back," in which we discuss the merits of Joe the Plumber and death by Facebook.