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Report: D.C. Scores Highest on ‘Status of Women’ Among Southern States

D.C. overall received a grade of "B" but only a "D-" for women's "health and well-being."

The Needle: Cruising Control

Undercover: This WJLA sting on public sex in LBJ Grove is weirdly retro, and not in a fun way. -3

News Hole: The Washington Post Co. is closing down its Frederick, Md., edition of the Gazette. -2

Georgia Grads Hottest in D.C., Says Dating Company

Hinge, the Washington dating app that also does statistics, is out with some new numbers. Hinge previously produced a list of the hottest companies in D.C. Now it's asked which university produces all the hot people that go to work for those companies. The answer: the University of Georgia.
UGA tops Hinge's ranking of the most [...]

Washington Sugar Daddies Lag Behind Rivals

For a town that's ostensibly so rich, Washington men should be leading the country in buying the affections of women who otherwise wouldn't have anything to do with them—in other words, we should have the most sugar daddies. But that's not the case, according to new data from sugar daddy/sugar baby liason website Seeking Arrangements.
Instead, [...]

Sidwell Friends Cuckolding Lawsuit Has Everything: Sex, Creepy P.E. Teachers, Bob Woodward

Prestigious Washington prep school Sidwell Friends is involved in a lawsuit over a former employee's affair, and it is wild, Washingtonian reports.
Plaintiff Terry Newmyer is suing Sidwell and former Sidwell psychologist and sex ed teacher James Huntington, alleging that the school knew that Huntington was having an affair with Newmyer's wife, Tara Mehrbach, even as [...]

Country Run By Weird, Horny Men

Shows like House of Cards may make the life of a woman reporter in Washington look exciting. But according to Marin Cogan, writing in The New Republic today, in reality, being a woman reporter in Washington exposes you to weird sexual advances from creepy D.C. bigshots who seem to think the sex-for-scoops arrangements on the show [...]

Washington’s Perfect Man, Revealed

There are many types of men in Washington: successful ones and unsuccessful ones, big ones and little ones. But only a single microniche can be ideal. That perfect Washington man is represented at right, according to new survey data from What's Your Price, a dating site that lets people pay one another for dates (!).
Here's [...]

2012 in Mosts and Leasts

Every year brings press released dressed up as reports on a city's personality, and 2012 was no different. Here's what superlatives, many of them based on arbitrary interpretations of statistically dubious data, told us about ourselves this year.
We're Rude
D.C. is the third rudest city in the nation, according to Travel + Leisure. Washingtonians are so [...]

From Loose Lips: Sex in the Reeves Center (and in Car under Reeves Center)

Well, this happened:
A recent report by the Inspector General says two city officials misused city property by "engaging in sexual activity" in a Reeves Center office and a city-owned car in the building's parking garage. The employees, a female District Department of Transportation staffer and a male Office of Unified Communications worker, also used their government-issued [...]

The Needle: Beltway Sex Edition

Because Nothing Says "Hot" Like the Beltway: The New York Times won a Pulitzer for a series on texting while driving (and walking), but now a more dangerous in-car distraction has emerged. A lawsuit in Fairfax County alleges that the defendant caused a car crash on the Beltway last year while driving 85 miles an [...]

The Needle: Abstinence Edition

No Sex, Please, We're Catholic: Co-ed dorms have been the norm in most colleges for generations; at George Washington University, students will soon be able to share a room with anyone of any sex. After all, today's kids aren't exactly notoriously modest. At Catholic University, though, they sure will be soon. The school says it [...]

Have You No Decency?

In this week's print edition of Washington City Paper, we published excerpts from complaints the Federal Communications Commission received last year about local radio and TV stations, which we obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Filing a complaint with the FCC is quite easy—just click here!—and some of the gripes viewers and listeners [...]

Pick Up Artists to Descend on Dupont this Weekend

In last week's issue, we presented all kinds of options for Washington City Paper readers in search of classes to take, be they in the realms of arts and crafts, nutrition and fitness, or sex and dating. Turns out we missed one in the sex and dating category. This weekend, Adam Lyons, "America's Number One Pick [...]

D.C. Urban Moms Hate Your Stroller Because They Aren’t Getting Laid

As a young woman living in D.C., this week's cover story on the horrors of the D.C. Urban Moms message board further convinced me that D.C. is a wretched place to reproduce. I couldn't stop wondering why these women spent all of their time judging others on stroller choice, what school their over-privileged snob got [...]

Photos: March for Life