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The Needle: Butt Slasher Edition

No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts: Last year's odd criminal on the loose in suburban D.C. retail establishments was the semen sprayer, who approached women in grocery and craft stores near Gaithersburg and, as the name implied, squirted semen on them from a bottle he carried. This year? It's the butt slasher. Police released video of [...]

The Needle: Council Won’t Go Gaga Edition

No Meat Suit for D.C. Council: Behold, the awesome power of sunlight and transparency! Just days ago, D.C. Council members were whining to each other about how they couldn't get free tickets to their luxury suite at the Verizon Center. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the city, some of them also whined to The [...]

Shocking: Suspected Semen Squirter Has College Degree, Girlfriend

When a man is accused of walking up behind women at the grocery store (and craft store) and squirting them with semen, apparently the every-day reader of said news assumes the suspect is a loser forever-single uneducated creepo. So wrong!
Please wait as the Washington Post's report blows your mind. Toss all your semen-spraying assumptions aside [...]

Alleged Serial Semen Sprayer Connected to Three More Grocery Store Squirts

It's the gift that keeps on giving: Gaithersburg is under attack and women are being sprayed with semen. We thought the incidents at Giant and then Michaels were bad enough, but now even more victims are coming forward. It's semen-squirting mania in Maryland!
In addition to the incident on July 15 at the Giant grocery store, [...]