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Bowser Reiterates Support for $15 Minimum Wage, But Specifics Remain to Be Seen

As of mid-Thursday morning, the mayor's office hadn't handed down the relevant legislation to the D.C. Council.

National Airport Workers Postpone Strike Following Brussels Attacks

The Service Employees International Union says it's doing so "out of respect for innocent victims."

Collective Failure: UDC Resists Adjuncts’ Unionization

A union has successfully organized adjunct professors across the city. Why has UDC been a holdout?

AU Adjuncts Vote to Unionize

Attention American University students: Some of the folks who compile your report cards will soon carry union cards.
In a month-long election administered by the National Labor Relations Board, 379 AU adjuncts voted to be represented by Service Employees International Union Local 500. 284 voted against. AU joins about a dozen U.S. private college campuses where [...]

The Union Forever at AU?

Attention, part-time profs: Are you in or are you out? Starting today, adjunct faculty at American University will begin voting on whether or not to join the Service Employees International Union.
Supporters say collective bargaining can help improve pay and job security for adjuncts, the academic world’s version of migrant labor. Non-tenure-track faculty are generally paid [...]