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Here’s Where You Really Shouldn’t Crash Your Drone in D.C.

Spot the locations on our handy map.

Blanket Security

Five hours after a man went on a shooting rampage at the Navy Yard Monday morning, Jacqueline Alston was still waiting to hear if her husband was OK.
A custodial worker who keeps the fourth floor of the Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters clean, Ernest Johnston isn’t allowed to carry a cell phone to his job—national [...]

Schools Security Force: History

Some security guards charged with protecting D.C. schools neglected to show up this morning. Maybe that's because they were unlikely to get paid.
After all, their employer, Hawk One Security, folded yesterday afternoon. The business provided about 300 guards to D.C. schools.
Education insider and activist Robert Brannum , who last night posted to a Listserv [...]

Marion Barry Apologized For Wilson Building Incident

On June 30, Councilmember Marion Barry used his office to bounce his on-again-off-again girlfriend's ex-husband from the Wilson Building. At the time, he claimed that Delonta Brighthaupt had threatened him on the phone and in person.
Barry never got into detail with council staff. But it was enough for Brighthaupt to get barred that night from [...]

Audit of Inaugural Security?

Just another case-in-point attesting to why the official probe is Washington's biggest industry. In the aftermath of the inauguration, the Washington Post gave air to complaints from high-flying Obama donors that they weren't frisked extensively enough before being allowed into sensitive areas. If ever there was a more pointed affirmation of a charmed life–complaining about [...]

Not Enough Security at Inauguration?

A while back the Onion and the Washington Post struck a partnership of sorts, and so I thought that a bit of the former's news coverage had bled onto the latter's Web site when I read this: "VIPs: Lack of Security 'Absurd'"
The story, and it's a good one, is that big-time Obama campaign [...]

A Report From the Lincoln Memorial Concert

Jule Banville reports from the We Are One concert: Getting in via the security gates pretty easy. Bag restrictions were not really followed. Bags were not confiscated. They were checked in a cursory way. Basically it was like security at any big outdoor concert. People are bringing in chairs, strollers, and blankets with no trouble.
But [...]

Wanted: Small Bags

One of the resounding themes of Inauguration Day will be broken dreams and dashed hopes. People are going to be flooding the federal core, ready to celebrate an inspirational new president, only to be bummed out by the intense security surrounding the event. Hunger could be a problem as well.
If you are one of [...]