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Chatter: Lower the Boom

What you said about what we said last week
Barely a week seems to pass these days without another national publication throwing shade on D.C.’s economic fortitude. But is D.C. really a vampire squid sucking on the American taxpayer in order to build more wine bars and luxury car dealerships? Of course not, argued Aaron Wiener [...]

Bonjour! Washington Is the New Versailles

As promised, Sean Hannity devoted his entire show Friday night to "BoomTown," an expose of our city and its filthy lucre. But instead of likening Washington to the Capitol from The Hunger Games, Hannity's guests opted for a new analogy: Now we're Versailles.
"Not only is Washington, D.C., becoming, you know, this new Versailles that reminds you [...]

Tonight, Sean Hannity Exposes “BoomTown” D.C.

The Washington area is doing better than some other parts of the country, as the New York Times never tires of pointing out, again and again. And now Sean Hannity's airing a special expose tonight called BoomTown on how we're sucking the rest of the United States dry.
"We'll investigate BoomTown: Washington D.C., where the business [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The (9/11) Truth Hurts

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to another addition of Freedom Friday. How about that Van Jones, huh? Obama's enviroczar yodeled down on himself an avalanche of hate after a video of him calling Republicans "assholes" was found on the internet and explicated by the savants at FOX News. Why this irritated Sean Hannity [...]