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Amateur Cat Declawer Pleads Guilty

The Washington Humane Society has given Eric Felipe Gaskin a nickname as gruesome as his crimes: the "mauler-declawer." Gaskin, arrested in the fall for his attempted home declawing of two cats in May, pleaded guilty today to the crimes today. Now he's facing up to a year in jail on two charges of animal cruelty.
Gaskin, [...]

Trinidad Puppy-Killer Admits to Crime

Sean Delontay Branch, the 24-year-old accused of murdering a puppy in Trinidad in June by dropping a brick on its head—an incident that exposed D.C.'s sensationalism deficit—pleaded guilty Monday to the crime. NBC 4 reports:
The morning of June 29, a puppy named King Tut was left sleeping behind a convenience store on Mt. Olivet Road [...]

Washington Is a Bad Tabloid Town, Part 3,000

Here's yet more evidence that Washingtonians' thirst for sensational news is going unfulfilled: the utter lack of enthusiasm among our local press for the gruesome story of someone dropping a concrete slab on a dog's head last month.
The death of 6-month-old pitbull King Tut on Mt. Olivet Road NE is a tragedy that I don't [...]