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Cheap Seats Daily: Who’ll Let the Dog In?

Michael Vick was "conditionally reinstated" by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday. So the Vick-to-Redskins barkers got louder.
I know from dumbass arguments, and here's one of the dumbassiest on why Vick could fit in here as training camp opens this week:  Signing the free agent, says the Sporting News, "would give Vick an opportunity to play [...]

Breaking News: Scott Van Pelt Bobblehead Less Macho Than Lindsay Czarniak’s!

Earlier today the Bowie Baysox announced Scott Van Pelt Bobblehead Night.
However, apparently not anticipating the rush of bobblehead freaks that tarnished Lindsay Czarniak Bobblehead Night last year, club management will not take away fans' civil liberties on Van Pelt's big night, as they had earlier this season for Matt Wieters Collectible Figurine Night.
This disappoints us. [...]

Breaking News: Bowie Baysox Lift Fascist Restrictions for Scott Van Pelt Bobblehead Night!

The never-static Bowie Baysox have just announced their latest promo: Scott Van Pelt Bobblehead Night on July 26. Two things about the announcement stand out:
1)Scott Van Pelt?
B)The announcement lacks the stern warnings from management that, as you all certainly recall, crippled Matt Wieters Collectible Figurine Night a few weeks ago.
To refresh the few of you [...]