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Examiner Crime Reporter Will Continue Chasing Fugitives on New Blog

Scott McCabe became a well-known name to local news consumers over his seven years on the Washington Examiner’s crime beat. Although the newspaper shuttered its weekday tabloid and local coverage last week, McCabe isn't quitting his regular beat coverage of fugitives, stupid crimes, and everyday lawlessness. Only now, he's blogging.
D.C. Crime Stories was going to stay [...]

Washington Examiner Bags Its 50th Fugitive

The Washington Examiner likes helping law enforcement agencies catch fugitives so much, it joined Pinterest. But that solution hasn't been an effective as its lower-tech "Most Wanted" print column, which scored its 50th successful fugitive tip on Friday.
Scott McCabe, a crime reporter for the Examiner, says editors were originally just looking for another regular feature [...]

Our Morning Roundup: No Prison for Child Porn

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to the running-like-a-scalded-dog edition of Freedom Friday! Last night, yours truly cabbed his sweaty, sushi-filled gut to Source for the initial performance of the Capital Fringe Festival's Bare Breasted Women Sword Fighting. What a show! It may have changed my perspective on a lot of things, porn included. [...]