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The Needle: Paying to Use Rush Plus

Take My Yellow Line, Please!: Passengers on Metro's Blue Line are so reluctant to switch over to the post-Rush Plus Yellow Line, Metro's resorted to offering free farecards to entice them over. -4

Photos: Stress Test

Morning Roundup: Holy Crap, Vinny Cerrato Resigned Edition

Holy crap! Vinny Cerrato resigned!
After the jump, the morning roundup I was working on before I read that.

Katie Holmes Coming to D.C., Scientology Protesters Can Finally Save Her

If you've ever honked in Dupont Circle because you think Scientology is a cult, well then grab your Guy Fawkes mask. May 24 is your chance to act on the familiar weekend chant (Free Katie Holmes! Free Katie Holmes!). The bobbed wonder, fresh from All My Sons (which Entertainment Weekly hilariously and mistakenly refers to [...]