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Cutest Voters Ever?

Katherine Dunbar made maximum use of her cramped Precinct 25 voting booth when she cast her ballot this afternoon. Dunbar was joined at her polling place, the Goodwill Baptist Church at 1862 Kalorama Road NW, by two valued consultants: Perry Levitch (age "twelve-and-three-days") and Esme Levitch ("Well, I'll be nine in February") in her Precinct [...]

Exit Poll: Voters of Precinct 132, 3030 G Street SE

John L. Hoban

Photos: Adams Morgan Voter Portraits

Precinct 35 voters exiting the polls around 4 p.m. at Adams Morgan's Iglesia Festival, 1640 Columbia Rd. NW

Irina Van Dusen

Photos: U Street Corridor


What Would Ben’s Chili Bowl Do?

Ben's Chili Bowl is an epicenter of District Obama supporters. Nearly every employee wears a button—or twelve. Everyone's expecting a clear win for Ben's favorite candidate. But what are they going to do if McCain wins? I spoke to D.C. residents enjoying their election day lunch at Ben's to find out their worst case scenarios.

Carl [...]

My Turn, 11:33 AM

Photos: Iglesia Festival, Adams Morgan

Scenes from this morning’s poll outside Iglesia Festival, 1640 Columbia Rd. NW

Who Voted at Precinct 35?

Outside the City Paper's polling place,  Iglesia Festival, 1640 Columbia Rd., 9:30 a.m. At 10 a.m., Precinct Captain Paul Motsuk said 1,050 people had voted there so far.

Allan Jirikowic

Janney Elementary, 9:19 AM


Free pencil from guess-who, 10 percent off cards Diner/Tryst/Open City
Goodwill Baptist Church, 1862 Kalorama Road NW
Ward 1, Precinct 25

Bancroft Elementary, 7:54: Line Reaches Rock Creek Park

Photos: Mount Vernon Recreation Center, Alexandria

1. 6:04 a.m.

2. 6:50 a.m.

Photos: 15th Street Presbyterian Church

9 a.m. at the 15th Street Presbyterian Church, 1701 15th St. NW.

My Neighbor Miss Alice and Daughter Lisa, 7:44 Am