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The Hoya‘s Lame Coverage of the Heckler‘s KKK Satire

Perhaps even more interesting than the controversy over a recent Georgetown Heckler article that invoked a cross burning and the KKK in an attempt to make fun of the Hoya newspaper's own troubles on the issue of race is the coverage the Hoya gave it.
The student paper published one six-paragraph article—216 words—that did not mention [...]

More on the Georgetown KKK Satire: University Official Condemns Content as “Deeply Hurtful”

The Georgetown Voice's Vox Populi blog covered last night's on-campus forum organized by students upset over a recent article in the satirical Georgetown Heckler about a KKK-style cross burning on campus that was meant to mock the Hoya newspaper and its disastrous April Fools' issue.
Vox Populi writes:
Heckler Editor-in-Chief Jack Stuef (COL ‘10) answered questions and [...]

Georgetown Students Satirize Cross Burnings, KKK in Heckler Magazine

Remember the controversy over this year's April Fools' "humor" issue of the Hoya, Georgetown University's student newspaper? The one that prompted protests by students who deemed some of its content (Headline: "We Need More Interracial Loving at Georgetown"; Excerpt: "We don't have enough good old vanilla-chocolate interracial fucking") racially insensitive?
Well, those charges are being leveled [...]

Blagojevich Taps Plaxico Burress for Senate Seat

Over the objections of President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress, embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has chosen Plaxico Burress to replace Obama in the United States Senate.
The selection of Burress, the New York Giants’ star wide receiver who faces criminal charges after accidentally shooting himself in the leg last month, took lawmakers [...]

Paris Hilton Runs for President

Take that John McCain!