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Would-Be Burglars Ruin Vincent Gray’s Ice Cream Interview

City Desk was scheduled to meet up with D.C. Council Chairman Vincent Gray for an interview Tuesday afternoon. The venue? The Thomas Sweet ice cream parlor in Georgetown, a place the chairman's mayoral campaign picked. In the process, City Desk–with photographer Darrow Montgomery in tow–may have ruined an ice cream outing for President Obama's daughters, [...]

WaTimes Implicates Sasha & Malia in Chicago Youth Violence

Note to photo editors/Web producers/guardians of good taste: Please don't run a gratuitous photo of Sasha and Malia Obama next to a piece announcing that Chicago "has become the nation's most violent city for youths."

The piece itself is pretty harrowing, describing monstrosities straight out of the biography of Rasputin:

Michelle Obama on 60 Minutes: “We Can Have an Impact in the D.C. Area”

Whoa. Michelle Obama, on 60 Minutes tonight, went out of her way to mention that she and her husband plan on getting involved in local D.C. issues (and, in one of those minuscule, easily overanalyzed signifiers, she did say "D.C.", not "Washington").
The mention came in response to a question directed at Michelle Obama by Steve [...]