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District Line Daily: Low Riders

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Metro has lost a couple of million dollars during the government shutdown because of fewer commuters [...]

Sarah Palin Roasts Washington Post for Falling for Parody

Hey @washingtonpost, I'm having coffee with Elvis this week. He works at the Mocha Moose in Wasilla. #suziparkerscoops #idiotmedia
— Sarah Palin (@SarahPalinUSA) February 12, 2013

Sarah Palin's on a rampage against the #idiotmedia today, thanks to Washington Post "She the People" blogger Suzi Parker. Parker somehow fell for a parody article about Palin joining Al-Jazeera that [...]

No Police Escort for Sarah Palin in D.C.

Sarah Palin and Charlie Sheen have some things in common: They've both occasionally indicated they're open to questions about whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States, and they both seem to subscribe to an Oscar Wilde-inspired theory of media coverage ("the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about"). One [...]

Photos: Rolling Thunder

Photo: Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder

Pentagon Parking Lot, Rolling Thunder, May 29th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Palin Thunder Edition

Sarah Barracuda: Ah, Memorial Day weekend. Nothing says "the start of summer" like barbecues, Rolling Thunder on the Mall, and a Palin family vacation in the District. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will drop by the motorcycle rally Sunday, to kick off a bus tour of important historical sites that could lead her right [...]

The Three Kings

I frequently look forward to the attention Martin Luther King Day brings to race in America, only to be disappointed when the date finally rolls around. As a black man who often ponders how and why race politics play out the way they do, I eagerly welcome the rest of the country joining in for [...]

The Needle: Beatlemania Edition

Next Stop, Knoxville: The recession may, officially, be over. But consumer spending hasn't returned to normal levels—and if you needed more proof of that, the rapturous greetings with which the news of Megabus' expanded service from D.C. should suffice. The discount bus line will run direct routes from the District to Boston; Buffalo, Charlotte, N.C.; Hampton, [...]

Observing Local-Outsider Disconnect on the Fringe of Glenn Beck’s Rally

From the fringes of Saturday’s “Restore the Dream” rally, life went on generally as is in the nation’s capital. As "hundreds of thousands" of Tea Party folks and other Glenn Beck rally-goers gathered at in West Potomac Park between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument—likely adding weight to the already sinking Reflecting Pool—the Batala all-women’s [...]

The Needle: Spraying Semen Edition

Semen Sprayer Struck Second Spot: Gaithersburg police now say Michael Wayne Edwards squirted semen onto a woman at a Michael's craft shop, not far from the Giant where he first debuted the strangest crime the region has seen in a while. This business of spiriting semen around in a hand-spritzer and spraying it—and then photographing [...]

Photos: Choices

Morning Roundup: Palin’s Fox Debut, the Circulator’s Circulation, and African-American Progress

Good morning, City Desk.
Using insightful analytical phrases like "bunch of BS" and "that kind of crap," Sarah Palin made her debut on Fox News as a commentator last night! Sorry to say: missed it. But Bill O'Reilly, on whose show Palin appeared, said later the whole thing was really "no different from interviewing Chuck Schumer." [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Palin-Winfrey 2012″ Edition

Mornin', City Desk readers! Welcome to the second edition of what used to be but is no longer Freedom Friday. Remember: Freedom is dead. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
One word: Oprah! The "queen of daytime television" will announce today she's ending her show in 2011. This is huge! Now, in case you're a [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Rogue Cupcake Crisis” Edition

Like locusts swarming from above, a new (pink) cupcake truck and New York-based Crumbs Bake Shop are showering the District with more overpriced, nauseatingly cute cupcakes. Does this mean we have to suffer through another dreadful Washington Post war? Matt, commenting on Prince of Petworth, says: “I see sub-prime cupcake crisis coming! Cupcake bailout?”
Undoubtedly [...]

Continetti and I: Devotees of Hans Robert Jauss

Today, the Style section of the Washington Post featured a conservative-liberal duel on the topic of Sarah Palin. From the right wrote Matthew Continetti, a youngish opiner from the Weekly Standard. From the left wrote Ana Marie Cox, quite possibly the greatest blogger ever.
But I must say that it was Continetti who grabbed me [...]