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Informer Endorses Obama In Same Sex Marriage Stance

Remember how I said black people weren't going to go for Mitt Romney just because the president completed his "evolution" on same-sex marriage? The Informer endorses President Barack Obama's stance:
There will be those who seek to use this issue to divide our community. As a people, we cannot afford such division. It is our hope that conversations [...]

The Needle: Rolling Deep Edition

Potential Circulator Cuts and Reallocation Looms: The District Department of Transportation is considering whether to cut the Smithsonian-National Gallery of Art Circulator bus route in order to provide more service on the Union Station-Capitol Hill line. While it's too bad we can't have endless transit funding to do both, cutting the Mall route wouldn't drastically [...]

Same-Sex Skype Wedding Rejected By D.C. Marriage Bureau

Last month, Mark Reed and Dante Walkup wed in Washington D.C. from a Dallas, Texas hotel. Although gay marriage isn't legal in Texas, the couple had Sheila Alexander-Reid (Washington City Paper's business development manager) officiate the wedding from a Washington, D.C. hotel via Skype. The wedding video and story went viral, but last week the [...]

D.C. Same-Sex Marriage Law Survives Court Challenge

By a 5-4 vote, the D.C. Court of Appeals has ruled that the District's gay marriage law can stand. An opinion out this morning says the Board of Elections and Ethics was right to refuse a referendum on the law; the board had said the referendum would violate the city's Human Rights Act. "The question [...]

Photos: Gay Marriage Day

Gay Couples: Prepare to Get Hitched!

Earlier today, the D.C. Court of Appeals declined to stay the impending legalization of same-sex marriages in Washington.
In a terse opinion [PDF] today, the appeals court refused to overturn a Superior Court judge's decision not to postpone the District's same-sex marriage from going into effect. Which means, barring some unlikely congressional intervention, come next Wednesday, [...]

Projected Gay Marriage Day: March 2

So the gay marriage bill passed by the D.C. Council and signed by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty is now before Congress for a 30-legislative-day passive review period.
But what is a legislative day? It means days when at last one house of Congress is in session, and while most business days are legislative days and vice [...]

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: Marion Barry (Again)

"I am a politician who is moral."
—Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, April 28

Fenty to Sign Gay Marriage Bill Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will sign the gay marriage bill passed Tuesday by the D.C. Council.
A signing ceremony is set for 10:30 a.m. 10:45 a.m. tomorrow at All Souls Church, at 16th Street and Harvard Street NW, LL has learned. The bill will then be transmitted to Congress for 30 legislative days of review—a [...]

D.C. Gay Marriage: The Roadblocks That Remain

Here's now Ward 5 ANC member Bob King feels about gay marriage:
"This is the most contentious issue of the 21st century," he says. Even accounting for "the fact we have two wars, a struggling economy, health-care reform, 13 percent unemployment rate, 50 percent dropout rate, African-American kids, Latino kids dying in the streets at an [...]

Gay Marriage Passes Final D.C. Council Vote

City lawmakers voted this afternoon to legalize same-sex marriages, making the District of Columbia the fifth jurisdiction in the country to have its elected legislature pass such a measure.
"Today is the final step in a long march toward equality in the District of Columbia," said At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson, who shepherded the bill through the [...]

Gay Marriage Debate: Another Reason to Ditch Employer-Based Health Care!

Today, the D.C. Council sent a bill legalizing gay marriages in the District to the full council for a Dec. 1 vote. And during committee discussion today, there seemed to be little willingness to compromise on the ancillary issue of the day: whether the bill would cause the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington to withdraw from [...]

David Catania Smacks Down Anti-Gay-Marriage Law Prof

D.C. Wire just posted on this, but this document is just too good not to share more fully.
At-Large Councilmember David Catania today posted a letter to Robin Fretwell Wilson, law professor at Washington & Lee University, who has made it her job, as of late, to join the public debate in jurisdictions considering same-sex marriage, [...]

Couple Gets Engaged at Gay Marriage Hearing

Of all the romantic locales in the world, or in the District of Columbia even, the John A. Wilson Building does not approach the top of LL's personal list.
But it was good enough today for D.C. residents Andrew Hertzberg and Andy Rollman.
During this morning's D.C. Council hearing on the same-sex marriage bill, Hertzberg, 49, proposed [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Someone is Missing” Edition

"Someone is missing." Anyone else think the latest Leonardo DiCaprio vehicle, Shutter Island, has the worst tagline ever?
A senior at George Washington University was reported missing last weekend—prompting a Facebook group, a front-page GW Hatchet article, and a citywide police search. The girl who reported his absence said: “I could possibly see him [skipping their [...]