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Sam Huff Brings His Worldview to Print

Around 2007, I predicted the end was near for Sam Huff's media career.  I was nowhere near right.
Huff, who turned 77 last week, was only getting started. He's branched into newspapering.
My dire prognosis came after I noticed how Huff, a Hall of Fame linebacker and member of the Washington Redskins radio broadcasting crew that I've [...]

Sam Huff: From “The Violent World” to His Own World

Sam Huff is the best reason to listen to Redskins radio broadcasts. The Hall of Fame linebacker and Redskins/Giant legend, who has been handling Skins games for about 30 years, has seemed wobbly in the booth for a while.
But by now that wobbliness has reached a level of consistency that makes the audience stay tuned so as not to miss whatever [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Should Mike Nolan Send a Tub of Rocky Road Ice Cream to Dan Snyder’s Box on Sunday?

The civil war in Redskins Nation claims another victim: The fan-organized meet-and-greets at Redskins Park before and after away games have gone underground.
For years, messages about the wheres and whens of the pep rallies/wakes were posted each week on Dan Snyder's message board,, so fans could celebrate with or lift the spirits of Skins [...]