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More On Cyclists and Their Image Problem

Yesterday Salon ran the provocatively titled post, "Are urban cyclists just elite snobs?" (Read it.) In the wake of last week's discussion about cyclists running red lights (comments are also well worth reading), it was good to see a story that hit on a lot of the issues that our commenters on both sides brought [...]

The Forgotten Discovery of Ingmar Guandique’s Name

As the trial of Ingmar Guandique for the 2001 death of Bureau of Prisons intern Chandra Levy continues this week, the name of former U.S. Rep. Gary Condit of California still looms in connection to Levy's high-profile disappearance, which dominated national media in the spring and summer of 2001.
According to The Associated Press, a [...]

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Handsy Hairdresser Headed for Second Harassment Trial

If famous D.C. hair poofer Andre Chreky, 52, was hoping to get out of his second sexual harassment trial when he filed for bankruptcy on March 22, well,  so much for that quick snip.
Judge Royce Lamberth just set a date–August 9–for the start of the trial, in which Jennifer Thong, a former employee of Chreky's, will accuse the [...]

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Obama Already Touched By Scandal (Not Really)

Bob Woodward suggested on TV that the Obama administration may be rocked by scandal soon enough. The investigative journalist hinted that it has something to do with a nanny problem. Meanwhile, Mike Madden of Salon reports that the White House's e-mail system is down. Wonkette provides the witty commentary for the e-mail problem:
"Sorry dudes all [...]