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Official Washington Mourns Ben Bradlee

Who was there? Everyone.

Did Sally Quinn Almost Lose Ben Bradlee to Lauren Bacall?

Sally Quinn had an interesting way to honor Lauren Bacall, the actress who passed away yesterday at the age of 89.
Quinn, a D.C. socialite and Washington Post writer who is married to the paper's former top editor Ben Bradlee, took to Twitter to write that she almost lost her husband to Bacall. And, she added, Bacall was so "spectacular" that it [...]

Howard Kurtz Evokes Sympathy for Sally Quinn

The Germans must have a lengthy word for the emotional sensation, on account of a Howard Kurtz post, of being made to feel sympathy for Sally Quinn. (Think schadenfreude, but without all the righteous pleasure.)
Kurtz, in a rather Howard Kurtzian fashion, today wrote a mind-boggling article for his new employer Fox News attacking Quinn's daughter-in-law, Pari Bradlee, for what he deemed [...]

You Could Read This Town

Or you could just watch this "DC Cribs" video from Now This News, in which Sally Quinn shows off her six Warhols; first edition of Tender Is the Night; Japanese shell painted by a monk who had lived in Nagasaki during World War II ("there it is and I hope it's not radioactive, ha ha"); bathroom Nixoniana; swimming pool; [...]

D.C. Marijuana Etiquette, Explained by Sally Quinn

The Washington Post article on the etiquette of Washington marijuana smoking didn't just lack a certain sense of perspective. It was also missing the paper's most prominent party-thrower and ex-magicdoer, Sally Quinn. How can you talk about Washington etiquette without bringing her in—especially when it means a chance to ask Sally Quinn about getting high?
As [...]

RGIII Will Turn The Country Against D.C.

Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has energized the team's fan base, increased the team's playoff chances, and even made friends with Bryce Harper. But will Griffin and his BA in political science lead us to ruin?
So posits the Weekly Standard's Geoffrey Norman, who imagines the RGIII-led Pigskins facing off against quarterback Andrew Luck's Indianapolis Colts [...]

District Line Daily: Tysons Corner No More

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Out: Tysons Corner. In: Tysons. Just Tysons.

Creepy steroid-born meningitis spotted in [...]

Sally Quinn Can Put Curses on People, According to Sally Quinn

I'm probably risking the wrath of the Warlock Guild for telling you this, but the truth must come out: Washington Post columnist and When Harry Met Sally muse Sally Quinn has the ability to put magical hexes on people, and has done so in the past. Or so she claims!
At a New York panel Monday [...]

Is When Harry Met Sally Based on Sally Quinn?

Perhaps! New York's DNAInfo flags an interview in which Washington Post writer and recovering Georgetown social scene tent-pole Sally Quinn tells Andrea Mitchell that Nora Ephron told her that she based the "Sally" character in romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally on her.
Quinn says Ephron once revealed the inspiration for Meg Ryan's character at the [...]

Sally Quinn Wants to Turn Chick-fil-A Into a Gay Hangout

Sally Quinn, at it again! The Washington Post religion columnist and hostess extraordinaire has a scheme for gay-rights supporters feeling grouchy about Mike Huckabee's National Chick-fil-A Day, organized in support of the Christian-values-oriented fast-food chain.
Instead of protesting Chick-fil-A, gay people should take low-paying jobs at the company, buy its sandwiches, and infiltrate:
Gays and lesbians [...]

Georgetown Dish Writer: Sally Quinn Doesn’t Delight My Veblen!

By now, there's surely no more need to deconstruct Sally Quinn's article about how D.C. parties have become terrible. But it's hard to ignore a post yesterday on Georgetown Dish that comes to Quinn's defense. In his windy way, David A. Rothman manages to encapsulate Georgetown's "Let's put on a show...and save the world!" ethos.
The first [...]

Sally Quinn’s S&M Theology

Following its policy of catching on to a trend a week after everyone else has covered it, the Washington Post has been all over sado-masochist crossover hit 50 Shades of Grey this week. The editorial board demanded that libraries stock the book, and columnist Ruth Marcus speculated that women like it for its feminism.
But Sally Quinn, fresh off a [...]

This Is the Book of Affliction

The hot new book in Washington circles this spring isn’t a policy tome, or a government exposé; it’s Our Haggadah, the Passover story as written by Cokie and Steve Roberts. The journalist power couple, both mainstays of NPR and Sunday morning shows, combine a memoir of their rise to elite status with a guide to telling [...]

Back To The Early ’90s: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: "Travis Childers For D.C. Council? Stick To Mississippi, Activists Say," "D.C.'s Guardian Angels Are Broke," "Jaffe Tried To Kill Police Complaints Office With Errors," "Defense: Here's How [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

As proof that the Post can be stuffy
They're turning DeBonis less scruffy
Goodbye Sally Quinn
And hello, Mike's chin!
His hair and her column…both fluffy
Why stop, here's another cheap shot:
So how 'bout those numbers Vince got?!
The data provided
Counts just folks "decided"
And what does that mean? Not a lot
This race needs a little more heat
But now it at least [...]