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District Line Daily: Free Kwame

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That was fast. The Kwame Brown saga entered its denouement yesterday, as Judge Richard Leon [...]

Sally Jenkins Still Has No Plans to Write About Lance Armstrong

Now that Washington Post local editor and David Petraeus co-biographer Vernon Loeb has told his side of the Paula Broadwell story, the question arises: Is the Post's other scandal-connected co-writer, Sally Jenkins, planning to do the same?
Jenkins co-wrote two books with Lance Armstrong, a closeness that prompted questions from other reporters as Armstrong was accused [...]

Post’s Sally Jenkins Mum on Lance Armstrong

Now that  Lance Armstrong has been stripped off his seven Tour de France titles, several people have been wondering what Washington Post sports writer Sally Jenkins, who has written two books with Armstrong, thinks about the revelations. And now we know: Apparently, she's not thinking about it much.
In an email to blogger Jim Romenesko, Jenkins [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Bring Mike Leach to Redskins Park (Cont.)?

John Feinstein doesn't like the way the Redskins complied with the NFL mandate to interview minority candidates before hiring a coach. Feinstein doesn't believe that Dan Snyder ever really thought Jerry Gray, a black defensive coach who reportedly has interviewed for Jim Zorn's job while Zorn still has it, could be a head coach for [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Would Dan Snyder Censor Dan Steinberg’s Photos of Censored Bags?

Out: Book Burning
In: Bag Banning
The Great Dan Steinberg™'s write-up of the ill-will in the grandstands had great photos of the ill-willed.
Well, Steinberg's Bog post had great photos when it was originally posted, anyway.
As several commenters pointed out, those photos of folks with anti-Snyder t-shirts and paperwork are now gone. Just vanished.
Who [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: The Johnny Rockets Menu Proves Dan Snyder Is Priceless?

Dan Snyder's detestability rating enjoyed another spike yesterday: Reports out of FedExField for the Tampa Bay game have Snyder confiscating paper bags at the entrance to his stadium, so fans couldn't put them on their heads for the TV cameras.
Sportstalk radio station WJFK this morning put on callers who said they got bags past the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Leonsis Says Caps Bigger Than Jesus?

Sally Jenkins goes after Dan Snyder like she'd invested in Six Flags. Her latest column reviews Snyder's historic star-struckitude and avoidance of personal accountability, and every paragraph is great and dead-on and brutal.
A sampling:
This is Snyder's team; he was intimately involved in assembling it. He keeps his favorite players on speed dial, watches practices on [...]

Morning Roundup: Pitchforks and Torches Edition

Washington is turning on all its institutions! The Burgundy Revolution is no longer stopping at Dan Snyder's door! (Though Sally Jenkins' column is.) TO WIT:
1) Washington Post Magazine chat turns into TOTAL BLOODBATH! Readers want to know: WHY DO THE ARTICLES LOOK LIKE ADS? WHY DID YOU USE THOSE FONTS? HOW IN THE HELL DID [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Sally Jenkins Gets Mugged In Our House?

The same ol' Natinals. Only worse, says the Washington Post's Chico Harlan, whose game stories get more fabulous as the team gets less. From Harlan's latest truth-telling gem:
"If anything, the first four games of [new manager Jim] Riggleman's tenure introduced an even lower grade of achievement and fortune. At least during the typical Manny Acta [...]

Playing the Feud™ — Celebrity Edition!

Sally Jenkins classied up the City Desk comments section last night, coming in after a post by Editor Erik Wemple to admit that she understands why folks other than her bosses don't want her writing so many stories about Lance Armstrong.
But Jenkins took a short break from the confessional to say that in a previous [...]

Please: No More Sally Jenkins Columns on Lance Armstrong

If there was one glorious thing about the now-ended retirement of Lance Armstrong from cycling, it was that Sally Jenkins couldn't use the column space of the Washington Post to blow sweet nothings to this amazing, brave, game, brick house of a man. Jenkins, of course, is the prominent Post sports columnist who a decade [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Joel Hanrahan Gets Nats a ‘Victory in the Win Column!’

Sally Jenkins rides with Lance Armstrong again this morning. Jenkins, who has written several books with Armstrong, references the druggie rumors more here than in the scads of her previous columns on the most accused drug cheat in the history of sport.
"It's what [Armstrong's] whole comeback is all about really," writes Jenkins, "coming face to [...]

A Reasonable Voice on Phelps (Finally)

After columnists at the Washington Post have been knocking themselves silly over the Michael Phelps "scandal," a voice of reason from the New York Times takes aim at the story. George Vecsey accomplishes conceptual feats that Sally Jenkins and Michael Wilbon together couldn't manage. Those feats are:
*Acknowledging that pot smoking is not such a [...]

Michael Wilbon Heard the One About the Gold Medalist and the Bong — But Didn’t Laugh

Michael Wilbon answered yesterday's Sally Jenkins' column that made light of the Michael Phelps scandal.
Wilbon's piece attempts to slam the bong-sucking swimmer.
Wilbon's been the hardest-working superstar in sports newspapering for a while now. But if his latest column were a Goofus and Gallant panel, Wilbon would own the Goofus role the way Olivier did [...]

You Hear the One About the Gold Medalist and the Bong?

Sally Jenkins makes fun of pot smoking in her Washington Post column today.
As she should: Pot smoking is funny. Pot smoking a punch line in every movie or sitcom dealing with adolescence. On That '70s Show, pot smoking is practically a character.
All Jenkins' one-liners about pot smoking make the Post Magazine story about a SWAT [...]