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Yes, Virginia, Police Outside D.C. Pull Out Their Guns, Too

As we take in the gun-to-a-snowball-fight travesty, a reminder that D.C.s MPD isn't the only place around here to employ folks who shouldn't have guns: Saturday's Washington Post had a story from Tom Jackman that tried to keep some attention on last month's killing of David Masters by a Fairfax County police officer.
Masters was shot [...]

Our Morning Round-Up: Culture11 Bites the Dust

Good morning, City Desk readers. It's Libertarian Friday, are you ready to rage against the system? Great! Here's some news:

Culture11, the conservative/libertarian Web magazine started by Conor Friedersdorf, Peter Suderman, Joe Carter, David Kuo, and James Poulos and based in Arlington, laid off its entire staff on Wednesday. According to Kuo: "We raised a certain [...]

The Killing Fields of NoVa…

I wrote a column this week about the killing of Sal Culosi, shot three years ago last weekend by Fairfax County SWAT officer Deval Bullock. At the time of his death, Culosi was under investigation for sports betting.
Nobody was ever charged with any crimes in either the gambling investigation or the killing of Culosi, who [...]