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District Line Daily: D.C.’s Biking Twits

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D.C. cyclists are nastier than a motorcycle gang, according to Post columnist Courtland Milloy. Bicycling "terrorists," he somewhat [...]

Sexy Safeway? Safe Safeway? Swanky Safeway? The Petworth Safeway Apparently Needs a Name STAT

The long-awaited Petworth Safeway opened on Friday and, in keeping with the inexplicable D.C. Safeway tradition, residents are already searching for a nickname for their new grocery store.
The old Petworth Safeway was called the "Stinky Safeway" (take a look at this 2011 analysis of all the D.C. Safeway monikers), but this brand spanking new store hardly [...]

District Line Daily: Dupont Developments

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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Big news today: After eight months, Dupont Circle's southern entrance has reopened.

Does A New Walmart Really Threaten the Skyland Safeway?

The Post reports that the coming Skyland Walmart in Ward 7 may be stymied by a city pledge to Safeway that competitors can't sell groceries in certain parts of the area. Presumably, that includes the Skyland strip mall across the street from Safeway, where the Walmart is to be located. Mayor Vince Gray is apparently [...]

Safeway Apologizes For Homophobic Slur

Sure, everyone can be rude occasionally, even in the service industry. But at the Safeway at 1100 4th St. SW, near the Southwest waterfront, things went much farther last week.
Jason Morgan and his partner Brendan Harrington told Metro Weekly that they'd just put their food on the conveyor belt when they heard their check-out person [...]

Is Safeway’s New Receipt-Check Initiative a Rotten Egg?

Stop by the Safeway on 4th Street SW, and prepare to show some paper. Employees are now inspecting customers' receipts on the way out of the store—part of a "quality assurance" initiative from Safeway's upper management that's been soundly greeted with distaste.
The blog Southwest...the Little Quadrant That Could reports that at a Monday meeting of [...]

Southwest Residents Concerned about 12-Day Safeway Closure

Southwest residents have long kvetched about their local Safeway, on M Street SW. Shortages of staples such as bread and milk, produce so aged it wilts before you can get it onto the dinner table, long checkout lines—those experiences are consensus points for those who live in the city's forgotten corner.
And another point of consensus: [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Rally to Save Rodent-Infested Safeway on Rhode Island Avenue NE

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The Issue: Edgewood neighborhood residents will rally at 11 a.m. [...]

VIDEO Snowpocalypse 2010: Taking Stock at the Safeway

If you said there'd be hell to pay at the Safeway in Adams Morgan, you were right! There isn't a bagel to be found in the place. It's a maelstrom, people—looting and other acts of outrage...rolls of toilet paper flying, kitty litter strewn athwart aisle 7, sausage casings used to garrote innocent children...we'll let the [...]

Rodent-Infested Rhode Island Avenue Safeway Reopens

The Safeway grocery at 514 Rhode Island Ave. NE that was shut down on Wednesday because of an apparent vermin infestation in the delicatessen has reopened. The question is: Are you brave enough to shop there?
The District's Department of Health ordered an immediate closure of the store after a routine inspection showed critical (and noncritical) [...]

Photos: Snowstorm of ’09 Redux

Safeway, Alexandria, VA 12/18.

Columbia Road NW Safeway: Some Thoughts

I am biased against the Safeway on Columbia Road NW. I respectfully disagree with my former colleague Jule Banville, who wrote a stirring defense of this store; I have never forgiven the store for only de-grubbing itself once Harris Teeter moved in nearby. Because the Safeway near me, in Alexandria? It's delightful! But the one [...]

Unsolved Mystery: How Will Bag Fee Work With Self-Checkout?

The District of Columbia is about a month away from having to pay five cents a pop for its plastic bags, and some details are yet to be worked out.
Such as: What about the self-checkout facilities increasingly populating city supermarkets—how are they going to work with the bag fee? After all, there's no human to [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Safe Streets Edition

Bloomingdale (for now) reports on the rumors that the Rhode Island Avenue NE Safeway is getting skipped over for renovations in favor of Northwest stores.
Frozen Tropics believes that H Street/Trinidad just might be safer than Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan:
"I feel safer living here than in Columbia Heights. Maybe it's just me, but I feel [...]

Safeway Update: New Stores Coming to Southwest Waterfront, Petworth in 2011

In addition to the new Safeway coming to Georgetown, the go-to D.C. grocery chain is planning similar overhauls at the Southwest Waterfront and Petworth.
At the Waterfront, preliminary work is under way for the new store, which will go up behind the current building near the Metro. When completed in 2011, the old store will be [...]