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Can You Hear Your Bus Now?

Metrobus is testing out a new audible warning system aimed at pedestrians. As TBD reported earlier, people around town have been encountering buses with the bilingual warnings in English and Spanish. And already, there's a controversy brewing over whether they're too loud.
The anti-Metro blog Unsuck DC Metro posted a recording earlier today of the X8 bus [...]

1000-Series Metro Cars: How to Avoid Them, If You So Choose

Hey, Metro rider!
By now, in the wake of Monday's collision, you've heard plenty about the different types of Metro cars—specifically how the oldest '1000-series' cars were judged by the NTSB years ago to offer substandard levels of protection in a crash.
So maybe you're thinking that you should avoid these cars. But how?
Very simple: At [...]

Two More Die in Double-Decker Bus Incident

Nearly a year to the date since two young Northern Virginia men died after standing up on a double-decker tour bus, two 22-year-old men from the Chicago area were killed in a similar fashion. All four of them were fatally wounded while standing on the bus' second-level as they traveled under an overpass. In D.C., [...]