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The 2009 National Douchebag Tournament: DOES THE OCTOMOM HAVE WHAT IT TAKES??

In the most heated bracket-based throwdown since Man Madness, Holy Taco has launched its 2009 National Douchebag Tournament, whereby d-bagz compete against other d-bagz in four categories (sports, entertainment, politics, and business) en route to the ultimate prize (as yet unspecified).
Notable matchups include A-Rod vs. Bellichick and Beckham vs. Bonds in the sports division, and [...]

Housley: No Chance Ryan Seacrest Carries His Own Skin Bronzer

Nice interview in the latest edition of Bookslut with Dave Housley, the D.C author of the short-story collection Ryan Seacrest Is Famous (we profiled him in November '07) and coeditor at the literary journal Barrelhouse (which disclosed its Patrick Swayze anxiety in our pages last April). He talks a little about Barrelhouse, the story collection, [...]