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When Will D.C.’s Most Beloved Runaway Red Panda Return?

Whither Rusty?

There and Back Again: A Red Panda’s Tale

After hours of searching, running, sweating, and—finally—netting, the staff of the National Zoo apprehended Rusty the red panda, who was found missing early this morning. Less than four hours after the zoo announced that Rusty was missing, he was captured by a team consisting of National Zoo staff, D.C. police, and the Washington Humane Society in [...]

Rusty the Red Panda Has Been Caught in Adams Morgan

Rusty, the red panda who was reported missing from the National Zoo this afternoon, has been caught.
City Paper intern Dan Singer reports from the scene at the 1900 block of Biltmore Street NW that Rusty has been found by employees of the National Zoo, the Humane Society, and the Metropolitan Police Department and is now [...]

Rusty the Red Panda Spotted in Adams Morgan

Intrepid Twitter user Ashley Foughty has spotted Rusty, the red panda that the National Zoo reported missing this afternoon.
Foughty spotted the escaped critter crossing 20th Street NW near the Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge, she says in a phone interview, and saw him scurry to a rowhouse at 20th and Biltmore streets. Foughty then called in the [...]

The National Zoo Is Missing a Red Panda

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden isn't the only creature the federal government is searching for today. The National Zoo tweeted moments ago that it is looking for Rusty, a male red panda who was last seen last night around 6 p.m. The zoo tweeted that its staff has been looking for Rusty since 8 [...]

Hated-on Blogger Responds

why.i.hate.dc's Liz is right–she did reply to my interview request, but I missed the e-mail among my daily barrage of spam. We've exchanged a couple of e-mails since I wrote Thursday about the the nasty comments on her site, where she seems to have replaced D.C. as the object of some readers' hate.
Liz didn't know [...]

Why They Hate why.i.hate.dc

Turns out there was something about D.C. to like. Fans of recently departed why.i.hate.dc blogger Rusty really miss posts like "Guess Who Got Hosed by Metro This Weekend," "DC Baseball Still Doomed," and "Man of the People My Ass."
Sadly, Rusty (who besides his mainstays of public transportation, Laura Sessions Stepp, and the D.C. government, often [...]