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U.N. Brown Shirts Actually Just MPD Officers

Are a team of NATO and Russian officers training alongside D.C. police officers in Columbia Heights?
Well, the answer is almost certainly no, but nothing is definite, at least according to one extreme Columbia Heights vigilante with the Twitter handle @bombecerise.
The woman tweeted she saw UN troops and Park police training in Columbia Heights. This prompted [...]

Report: Russian Spy Ring Targeted GWU Sophomore

George Washington University students: They're not just about bad basketball and fake IDs anymore. They're also spies, who may know sexy other spies!
Or so says the Wall Street Journal. That busted Russian spy ring is back in the news, two years after it gained notoriety for operative Anna Chapman—who, the Journal demurely writes, "garnered the most [...]

Voice of Russia Reporter Who Got Gray Resignation Wrong Would Do It Again

It was a Cinderella story for local politics. While the District's other outlets were racing this afternoon to unveil more secrets of the Vince Gray shadow campaign, Russian website Capitol Correspondent landed the biggest scoop of all: Gray was resigning.
"Sources are saying that Vincent Gray is about to resign as mayor of Washington, DC," wrote [...]

How’d That 1980 Olympic Boycott Work Out, Anyway?

I came across Renaldo Nehemiah's name the other day. He was a local hero and one of the most dominant track athletes of all time when he hurdled for the University of Maryland in the late-1970s.
I see Nehemiah's name every now and then, since he's still around here, working for the McLean-based sports [...]

The Stink From Cologne: When Jagr Wins, Do We Lose?

I'm not ready to say Ted Leonsis would rather have lost the NBA draft lottery than lived through what happened in Cologne, Germany, over the weekend: Jaromir Jagr and the Czechs whupped Alex Ovechkin's defending champ Russians, 2-1, in the finals of the IIHF World Hockey Championships.
I'm not ready to say he wouldn't've, [...]

Morning Roundup: European Edition

Happy Friday, readers. Try to rouse yourself from your Iron Man 2- and Cinco de Mayo-induced stupors for this last day of the week–tomorrow's Saturday and you can sleep in!
Next week's Europe Week, and the festivities kick off tomorrow with EU Open House Day, as all the EU embassies open their doors to the public [...]