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The Needle: You Know Who Else Thought D.C. Was Lifeless?

The streetcar's opening date? Don't mark your calender just yet.

The Shutdown Diaries: A Trio of Firsts

I am a nonessential federal employee. This is my shutdown.
Yesterday I attempted my first furlough nap. This somehow seems significant: Last week, I did my best to take advantage of my free time, whereas now I'm eager for it to pass quickly. I couldn't get a wink, of course. I've never been good at naps, [...]

Photos: Supernova Performance Art Festival

Gateway Park, Rosslyn, VA.  June 9th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Photo: Women with Lollipops

Gateway Park, Rosslyn, VA.  June 9th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Baltimore United Edition

What Will Keep United In D.C.?: Baltimore wasn't playing when it decided to make a bid for D.C. United, which isn't happy, or profitable, playing at RFK. (Fans, meanwhile, aren't happy with the team's inability to make the playoffs.) Major League Soccer has been surveying fans up I-95 about how they'd feel about a soccer [...]

Photo: Running to Rosslyn

May 2011
Key Bridge

© 2011 Don Harris

The Needle: Swine Flu Redux Edition

The Flu Line State: Brace yourself for a pandemic. No, not of the flu, but of coverage of the flu. The region's flu season is officially underway, with news that someone in Baltimore has come down with swine flu. But unlike last year, vaccines appear to be widely available; at Safeway, where we got our [...]

Photos: Burst @Artisphere