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District Line Daily: Marijuana-Fueled Election

The Chris Brown saga is settled and over.

The Council Network

Ward 6 Councilmember and would-be Mayor Tommy Wells will take his campaign to Reddit this week, with an Ask Me Anything discussion scheduled for Sunday. Which got us thinking: What would be the social networks of choice for other local political figures?

Who: Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry
What: Twitter
Why: From old SNCC photos to live updates [...]

District Line Daily: Mayor’s Medal of Honor

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There's a new prize in the District now that Mayor Vince Gray has awarded the first [...]

Anti-Flyering Bill “Stupid,” Says Go-Go Impresario

Is the end nigh for the city's street teams? Councilmember Jim Graham's anti-littering bill, introduced in the D.C. Council yesterday, would outlaw one of promoters' chief tactics: putting flyers on cars.
"I think that's stupid," says Ward 7 Council candidate Ronald Moten, a man who, because of his former job as a go-go promoter, knows a [...]

District Line Daily: A New Home Rule

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Good news if you're flying this weekend: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says there was never [...]

Peaceoholics: The Movie?

It's an alluring tale of power and intrigue, so it's weird that it's taken this long for someone to think up shooting a flick about the rise and fall of the Peaceoholics.
American University graduate student Michael Lindley says he and colleague Anthony Greene, of local indie film production company Silent Code Features, are ready to [...]

Photos: Vigil for Isaiah Harris

No Fenty Means Debt for Peaceoholics

The post-Fenty fortunes of anti-violence group Peaceoholics continue to decline. They’re under investigation by Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander, and now, with funds they used to get from the District dried up, they’re in more than $28,000 of credit card debt, according to court records.
BB&T Financial filed a lawsuit in December alleging that Peaceoholics owed [...]

Après Moten, Le Déluge?

Ron Moten says trouble is coming. "A lot of the our money has been cut,"  says the outspoken co-founder of the anti-gang group Peaceoholics. Moten says the cuts bode badly for the District: "We get results. Whenever something happens, who are you going to call?"
It's a prediction he's made before. To hear Moten [...]

The Needle: Pepco Under Pressure Edition

Manly Deeds, Womanly Words, Pepco Oversight: The Maryland Public Service Commission announced it wants Pepco to appear at a hearing Tuesday morning to explain why the utility can't quite manage to actually provide electrical service to its customers. 60,000 people lost power in yesterday's storms, and nearly 40,000 of them were still in the dark [...]

Adrian Fenty’s Go-Go Anthem

The big news this morning in D.C. politics came courtesy of the Post's Mike DeBonis: Adrian Fenty, our go-go-loving mayor, now has an official theme song.
"Five for Fenty," by Stinky Dink, is Ron Moten's latest effort to boost his pal's q-rating with musical outreach. It'll soon be blaring at "all the clubs, all the the [...]

Loose Lips Daily: Political Metaphor Comes to Life Edition

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Kwame Brown vs. unpaid traffic tickets
Tommy Wells is disappointed
Ron Moten's news conference: the video

Good morning sweet readers! LL is pumped to have survived his first earthquake this [...]

Wells: I Expected More from My Colleagues

Despite the fact that Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells recalls Ron Moten calling him "a liar and a double-crosser" at a recent hearing regarding the Peaceaholics, the two men currently find themselves agreeing about something: The D.C. Council has gone too far with its anti-vote-buying legislation.

Ron Moten’s Press Conference: Watch Video

For about 20 minutes today, Peaceaholics founder and Adrian Fenty pal Ron Moten held court on the steps of City Paper's building, blasting D.C Council Chairman Vincent Gray and venting about the mayoral campaign. Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman captured the whole thing on video, and we've condensed it down to the highlights. (For more [...]

Vince! Vince! Come Back Here, Vince!

The Ron Moten show continues!
After Moten's confrontation fail with D.C. Council Chairman and mayoral hopeful Vincent Gray, Moten—whom Mayor Adrian Fenty wants more citizens to emulate—told a bunch of sweaty journalists that a) he's not a crook, and don't you dare call him a crony; B) Gray is a crook, and he will release the [...]