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D.C. Cabs Could Get Surge Pricing

One of the key differences between D.C. taxicabs and their app-based competitors, like Uber, is that the government strictly regulates uniform prices for all cabs, while non-taxis are allowed to have their prices respond to market demands, with prices fluctuating at any given moment.
But now, under a new proposal first reported on by WAMU, the D.C. [...]

This Week in D.C. Taxi News

The D.C. Taxicab Commission may have passed the once-impossible-seeming hurdle of getting vehicles to install credit card readers, but now it has to deal with some of the quirks of the new systems—including making sure payment service providers actually pay drivers for fares collected on their credit card machines.
The commission passed an emergency rule this [...]

District Line Daily: What a Zoo

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The director of the National Zoo said the recent zebra attack of a keeper and the [...]

RideScout Transportation Aggregating App Launches in D.C.

The RideScout app officially launched in D.C. last night in its 1776 tech startup headquarters. Mayor Vince Gray and former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra were in attendance to cheer on the new tool, which aggregates all of the nearby transportation options for users.
The app allows users to see the available partnered transportation modes [...]

Taxicab Commission Meeting Turns Chaotic, so Chairman Cancels it

D.C. Taxicab Commission Chairman Ron Linton adjourned the commission's monthly meeting earlier today after about an hour as hundreds of cab drivers loudly jeered him—the latest sign that the acrimonious relationship between taxi drivers and the city won't be healed anytime soon.
"This is [Linton's] attitude," said Taxicab Commissioner Stanley Tapscott, who's been a driver for more [...]

Five Cab Drivers Sue D.C. Over New Modernization Rules

Five taxicab drivers filed a class action suit in U.S. District Court against Taxicab Commission Chair Ron Linton Wednesday, claiming the commission's cab modernization requirements are discriminatory and a violation of the drivers' constitutional rights.
The suit also names the D.C. Cab Commission, Mayor Vince Gray, and the D.C. Council.
The cab drivers' arguments are kind of [...]

Cab Drivers Rally for Another Credit Card Reader Extension, Commission Says No

District cab drivers have had 120 days and two deadline extensions to retrofit their cabs with electronic payment readers. The D.C. Taxicab Commission is saying enough is enough, and come Oct. 1, any cab caught without a credit card reader will be towed.
But about 200 cab drivers gathered Wednesday in Freedom Plaza to rally against [...]

D.C. Cabs Finally Hit 50 Percent Mark for Credit Card Reader Installation

In case you're keeping track: D.C. cabs have just crossed the 50 percent threshold for complying with the requirement that they install credit card readers.
According to the latest numbers released by the D.C. Taxicab Commission Tuesday, 3,064 cabs have already had their Modern Taximeter System installed. In total, the cab commission projects that 5,962 will [...]

Teaser Released for Dramatic Documentary on D.C. Taxicabs

A teaser for the blockbuster D.C. taxicab documentary you may or may not have been waiting is out today, and if the background music is any indication, it's going to be dramatic.
Director Julie Espinosa posted the teaser to her YouTube channel and wrote that she would be following reform in the D.C. taxicab industry over [...]

Why You Still Can’t Find a Cab That Takes Credit Cards

The D.C. Taxicab Commission may have voted to install credit card readers in cabs more than two months ago, but a taxi that lets you pay with plastic is still harder to find than a seat on the Red Line during rush hour.
According to DCTC chair Ron Linton, only about 200 cabs out of the [...]

Chatty Taxi Drivers Earn Suspensions

Drive around the District and it's easy to see—cab drivers like hanging out at gas stations. For two cabbies, though, their passion for gas station chitchat could lead to the end of their careers.
Drivers Sharanjit Singh and Ephream Esheterom had their licenses suspended indefinitely today by the D.C. Taxicab Commission, all because they wouldn't leave [...]

New Cab Design Is Inspired by Circulator Buses

The D.C. Taxicab Commission voted on the long-awaited uniform color scheme. As reported earlier this week, it's going to be red with a gray strip—see it above on a Ford Crown Victoria. In a press release, the commission compares the design to the DC Circulator buses.
Take a look after the jump to see how it [...]

Taxi Regulators “Surprised” At Sidecar Ridesharing Service’s Launch

Ridesharing service Sidecar, which allows people to turn their cars into taxis, launches today in the District. As expected, the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission is perplexed.
Sidecar, which has already been operating in eight other U.S. cities, matches passengers with cars via a phone app. Unlike other app-dispatch services like Uber, though, Sidecar's drivers are ordinary [...]

Cab Driver Loses His License for Punching a Passenger

The next time you accuse your cab driver of cheating you, there's now a slightly smaller chance you'll get a beatdown. As of yesterday, passenger-punching cabbie Kefyalew Teshome is out of the D.C. cab game entirely.
Late at night on March 3, 2012, Teshome was driving a passenger downtown when the passenger accused Teshome of inappropriately [...]

Taxi Commission Chair Not Surprised by Color Uproar

Judging by their tweets, many Washingtonians don't like the proposed D.C. cab color scheme. They're not alone. The D.C. Taxi Cab Commission announced five more design proposals this morning, and some members of the D.C. Council now want to override the selection process, the Post reports. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans sounds the most disappointed of [...]