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The Needle: Free the Rocket

Hot Town, Summer in the City: The summer heat is back, starting tomorrow. The temperature on Thursday is expected to hit 98 degrees. -8

If Dewey Beats Truman, Then Clemens Needs a Hacksaw

Tom Boswell goes out on limbs. Those limbs break a lot.
The latest break: Yesterday's Boswell column, written after Day One of the Roger Clemens trial, predicted direness out the wazoo for the allegedly steroidal pitcher.
The lede:
When Roger Clemens walked into Courtroom 16 of the District’s federal courthouse Wednesday, he saw a long, wood-paneled room with [...]

Update: U.S. v. Roger Clemens: Who’s Winning?

The United States v. Roger Clemens trial, which is among the few things that would rank below the U.S. v. Iraq War on any list of "Current Events Americans Care About," is underway in U.S. District Court in our fine city. Opening arguments began this morning in the perjury case against Clemens, yet another fallen [...]

The Needle: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am Edition

Suffragette City: Members of the League of Women Voters join forces with the Association of the Oldest Inhabitants of D.C. to demand voting rights for the District on the 90th anniversary of the certification of the 19th Amendment, which granted the right to vote to women—as long as they don't live in D.C., of course, [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: A Wistful Look Back at the Dead Balls Era™?

Another milestone along the Road to Ripken™ has been passed: Mark McGwire says he did steroids. The news knocked the "Clay Aiken Says He's Gay!" story off the front page of the We Know Already Gazette.
After spending years in a shamed self-exile, McGwire's confession came as he sniveled through an interview with Bob Costas for [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: It’s Not Over ’til the Fat Lady Signs! Or Agrees! Whichever Comes First!

Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals played chicken, like those hot rodders in "Rebel Without a Cause."
That made for an amazing night to not watch sports, and just refresh this and that web page every few minutes hoping for some Breaking News. Would Strasburg be without a contract? Would the Lerners be without another top draft [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Caps and Zimmerman Live Another Day

That's how Caps' play-by-play man Steve Kolbe ended his awesome call of David Steckel's game winner last night from Pittsburgh.
Nothing like OT playoff hockey on the radio.
The game started lousy for the eventual winners. At the end of the 1st period, with the Caps down 1-0 and [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Nats Take Advantage of Odd Manny Out!

For the first time since the Natinals scandal, the natinal media paid attention to our baseball team yesterday.
Folks only took notice, alas, because our boys were in L.A. while the Dodgers learned they'd be an odd Manny out. For a long time.
Looks like Manny Ramirez took some sort of estrogen. So Manny was just being [...]